Saturday 08.15.2009 — “Whatever happened to wireless?”

Power Rangers SPD Executive Producer Greg Aronowitz has posted a new Part 2 blog entry, now showcasing how Emperor Gruumm was brought to life. Cool. 🙂

I awoke in the morning all groggy and feeling horrible, but luckily that eventually went away. My dad watched some news, then went back to bed.. I watched The Soup (haha), followed by the Degrassi Goes Hollywood movie (eh, it was pretty good.. the latter half was better) and a new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (episode 118: “The Brothers Cho”.. damn, I keep forgetting its at 11AM instead of 11:30.. I finished Degrassi like 3 minutes into it and had to rewind the DVR :p ..great episode here though 🙂 ).

My dad went off on an errand, then I got online for a bit. Bu then it was time for an all-new Power Rangers RPM — episode 1920: “Heroes Among Us”. I actually enjoyed this one more than last week, even though it featured another abrupt event that I haven’t really come to expect in this season. Scott’s dad sees Gem in action and gives him a medal. Scott then emos over some daddy issues and runs away from home and out into the wasteland. Gem follows and they stumble upon and soon join a pack of escaped Venjix prisoners in a plan to rescue them from Tenaya 7. While this is going on, Dillon get some flashes of his past, revealing that he’s definitely not alone in being infected by the Venjix virus. He was a part of some human experimentation.. with his sister.. One of the Generals downloads Venjix into his new body by plugging him in and stating “Whatever happened to wireless?”. lol, but good question.. The scene near the start where the Corinth soldiers fight until the Rangers showed up reminded me a bit of the Silver Guardians and Time Force, just as the daddy issues stuff did as well. That was Judd Lynn’s last season after all. And this episode was even written by Judd himself. In the end, Scott’s dad gives him a medal.. but Scott returns it, saying he doesn’t yet deserve it. *finale plotpoint* I’m hearing it’s a three-parter, y’know? 🙂

I got online for a bit, then we watched Shooter on Blu-ray. Awesome movie. That’s why I upgraded from DVD to Blu after all. A one-man army against a government conspiracy? References to real-life conspiracies thrown in as well? Definitely awesome IMO. I had a problem getting immersed in it though, possibly due to my dad continuously talking and the cat getting in my face, etc. :p ..Once it ended, I found The Cat In The Hat (the live-action version) on TV and watched it.. much to my dad’s dismay.. I liked it though. The slightly more adult humor hidden within was pretty funny.

I got online for a while.. er, the rest of the night. We eventually had some supper.. and that was about it? See ya..

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