pr spd doggie bts / skyrunners teaser / dvd ads aug 16-22 / today

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Executive Producer Greg Aronowitz, who unfortunately only stayed on Disney’s payroll for the unfortunate season of Power Rangers SPD, has posted an extensive behind-the-scenes post on his blog.. and this is only Part 1, which mainly shows how Doggie Cruger and his wife were created.

Disney recently released this silly little teaser promo for Disney XD’s upcoming DXDOM (Disney XD Original Movie?) Skyrunners, being produced by Ranger Productions (yes, those Rangers) and starring Aaron Stone‘s Kelly Blatz. The website however is a little more impressive. Nice. 🙂

Click the corresponding retailers for their ads for the week of August 16th to 22nd: Best Buy & Target. The only title I’m interested in getting this week would have to be Dexter: Season Three. And since I have Season 1 & 2 on DVD, I’ll just get Season 3 that way too. I’m not going to go switching formats in the middle of a series. I’ll just have to double dip to Blu at some point in the future.. That and the TV on Blu titles are still a bit too high. Best Buy is offering the new Dexter DVD for just $24.99, but Target has it for $26.99 and is offering an exclusive featurette that may or may not be on a bonus disc. I’m definitely in for the latter.. And rather than decide which series to start next, I should just stall and start this one on release date. It’s a blind buy after all, just like Season 1 & 2 (except that I saw the first episode on a promo disc). Oh, and Best Buy has Season 1 & 2 on DVD for just $16.99 each. Sweet deal methinks. It’s a great series. 🙂

Once again, I stayed online on my PS3 all damn night. First, I visited PlayStation Home (US).. then the EU server.. then the Hong Kong and Japan servers. My dad woke up at about 4AM and watched the news for a bit, then took off to dialysis. I got back on Home (never really turned it off, just idled), had some breakfast.. and then I soon fell asleep.. I was awoken at around 10AM or so by my dad wanting the TV switched back to cable.. I did that then got online for a little while.

My dad went off on an errand, then returned home and went to bed for a nap. I watched Zodiac: Director’s Cut on Blu-ray. Very good movie, but it mainly seemed like another one of those “only notice the change in runtime” extended versions. To me anyway. I rented the basic DVD and really liked it, so I waited for and bought the director’s cut on DVD.. and never got around to watching it. And then picked up the Blu-ray version when it went on sale. And now here we are. :p I fit in the VHSing of a couple more episodes of Caitlin’s Way (while I actually wrote more Truth-Seekers) in order to empty the DVR just a bit more for tonight’s Degrassi movie.

At about 5:30, I got online to news-gather.. then ended up online for most of the rest of the night because my dad absolutely had to see the first Colts game of the season.. and no doubt every single one to follow. Hoo-fucking-ray. But really, there was nothing on really so I was reasonably okay with it. I’m not okay with how he keeps opening the damn window every evening to save a tiny bit of money on the electric bill. The cat gets to sniff the outside air, the bugs get to start eating him up, and the humid air makes me perspire. My dad’s answer to that is to remove his shirt (and sometimes his pants *shudders*) to act more like the redneck that he truly is. Ugh. He conveniently ignores the fact that our cat only gets attacked by fleas during the summer months when he opens said window every night. -_-

Soo.. that’s about it.. Oh, except for PlayStation’s new trophy portable ID.. that I think isn’t as good as the wider and more customizable EU version.. that I also have. 🙂

See ya.

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