family guy star wars 2 dvd date / reno 911 canceled / today

Creator Seth McFarlane has already let the cat out of the bag regarding a DVD & Blu-ray release of Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side, the upcoming Star Wars-spoofing special from the FOX series that will hit store shelves just in time for Christmas on December 22nd. How convenient. :p

Reno 911! star Thomas Lennon has announced via twitter that the long-running Comedy Central series has officially been canceled. Aww, that sucks. 😦

Once I was done online and my dad had gone to bed, I once again got my PS3 online and played.. the Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo (you must buy –or rent I suppose– this game in order to unlock the Batcave apartment in Home 😦 was awesome hearing the animated series voice actors back, but I doubt I’d ever buy this one.. damnit 😦 ), followed by some time in PlayStation Home.. and Saints Row 2 (cool, finally found where to buy the thong.. lol :p). I ended up staying awake up until 5AM this time. Ack.

I finally got a few hours of sleep, then awoke at about 10AM and got online for a little while. We watched some morning TV (blah) before finally going out to the grocery store. Again. I missed a couple things the first time.. and still missed one thing. Damnit. We soon returned home and I watched the last four episodes of Get Smart: Season 3 (lol, odd how those neat cutaways I remember suddenly start with the season finale.. now what to start watching tomorrow? Lightspeed Rescue, Dollhouse, DBZ, Spectacular Spider-Man, Galidor.. hmmmmmm..).

Once that was over, I got the PS3 online again and revisited PlayStation Home. The US Home was updated with lame bike messenger outfits, animated neon furniture and a boring Motorstorm space that deserves to be “limited time only”.. while Japan Home got an awesome Beach space with plenty of beach wear to go with it (bikinis! trunks! snorkels!!). Damnit, especially since a beach space has been highly requested for months here in US Home. Bastards. And the salt in the wound would have to be a new free item by visiting the same Motorstorm space in EU Home that we don’t get in US Home.. wtf?

We soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there was nothing to watch on TV so we watched I Love You, Man on Blu-ray. lol. It was a great and really funny movie. We both enjoyed it.. After that, I fit in an episode of Wipeout from earlier this week (that was a lot of balls! *haha’s @ the huge pairs of blue balls*). And then.. that was about it..

See ya.

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