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Once I was done with the previous entry last night, I stayed up a few more hours.. and played some more Saints Row 2.. past 2:30AM. Heh. I found the secret mall and bought some of the cool costumes (hazmat suit! ..catgirl suit!), then went buying up all the properties.. all on my cheat game save, of course. But it didn’t take every long for my dad to come out complaining. It seems that’s all he ever does. He’s keeping his bedroom door closed 24/7 due to the cat menace, making it quite stuffy in there. So he couldn’t sleep in there.. then eventually learned he couldn’t sleep very well on the couch either. And he made sure to let me know. Just open the damn door back up already.

I shut off the PS3 and soon slept.. then woke up.. got online.. then slept again.. I then awoke.. and got online again. After some morning TV, I got ready and we soon headed out to media buy.

First, I headed to Best Buy and reluctantly bought I Love You, Man on Blu-ray. I just wasn’t all that sure about the purchase.. mostly because the best the stores offered it for was $25.99. I then got my icee (as well as two 20oz of the new Diet Mountain Dew UltraViolet.. it’s pretty good), dropped the disc off at home, then headed to the grocery store next. I went across the entire store and ended up getting no leg cramps this time. And my legs only hurt a little. As I previously said, my leg may just be getting better. Partially, at least. It’s leaking less..

We returned home and put everything away, then I watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 3 (lol.. Don Rickles!), followed by Robot Chicken (lol.. for the parts the cat wasn’t blocking my view anyway :p) and The Mighty Boosh (lol wtf, crazy episode).. We soon had some supper, then I got online to inventory the new disc and to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched 10 Things I Hate About You (lol, another very good episode), Ruby And The Rockits (a bit better than usual, nice) and those two hours of America’s Got Talent (wow.. a lot of those sucked, and Piers agreed). And that’s about it.


[ Misleading Prelim Injunction To Halt Mandatory US Flu Vaccine Issued ]
[ Obama’s Authoritarian Style ]
[ Video: Town Hall Meeting Outrage Can Stop The Hate Bill ]
[ US Internet Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears ]
[ Big Brother UK Has More Cams Than Red China ]
[ Food Crisis – Wartime Rations, Veggie Diet For Brits? ]
[ Tarpley – ‘Second Wave Of Depression Coming Soon’ ]
[ Another Zionist Lie Dies – Hitler DID Shake Jesse Owens’ Hand ]
[ Makow – Jews Have Always Exercised Great Power ]
[ Atzmon – Fake Jewish Tolerance Vs Vile Israeli Aggression ]
[ Makow – Does Hollywood Airbrush Jews & Gays? ]
[ Bee Venom Destroys Cancer Cells In Tests On Mice ]
[ Biology Approaching Its Frankenstein Moment ]
[ Morgellons Fibers, Etc Found In Homes, Coast-To-Coast ]
[ Strong Meteor Shower Expected Tonight ]
[ Argentina – School Teachers See, Photograph UFO ]
[ Video: Argentina – More About The Jungle UFO ]
[ German Veteran, 90, Jailed For War Crimes ]


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