king series finale / tru blood in stores / today

After being said it was “unlikely” the series will air new episodes again.. FOX will now premiere two of King Of The Hill‘s unaired episodes as a one-hour series finale of Sunday, September 13th at 8PM ET. That’s two weeks before their new Sunday line-up debuts..

True Blood Executive Producer Alan Ball recently revealed that Tru Blood, the synthetic blood beverage seen on the show, will be released in stores on September 10th.. sort of. This retail version will actually be “blood-orange” and “carbonated”.. oh, and did he mention that they’ll cost ya $16 for a four-pack?! Ack.. >_>

I awoke in the morning and got online. Yeah, whatever.. My dad soon took off to a doctor’s appointment, so I took over the TV and played some more Saints Row 2. I mainly went around looking for the cars I needed, then.. completed the third story mission. :p After that, I created another game save just for my cheats and stuff. I headed to a plastic surgeon and turned my character into a sexy Asian chick, then I placed that tiny Borat swimsuit on her that I had bought at one of the game’s stores. Heeheehee. Eh, it beats the mosaicked “nude” option.. *checks youtube and is surprised by how much he still hasn’t found yet*

My dad returned from his doctor’s appointment earlier than usual.. but I kept on playing.. up until almost 2PM I think. I watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 3 (lol, I remember some of these from Nick At Nite).. then went right back to Saints Row 2 for an hour or two. I’m really liking this game. 🙂

A little after 5:30PM, I got online to news-gather and we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha, something else..), Make It Or Break It (another very good episode.. stupid bitch, thinking that would work) and Raising The Bar (another really good here too..). And that was about it..?

My dad went to bed early since he doesn’t care for any of these shows.. The cat was being more annoying than usual.. and then he pulled down the curtain in my dad’s room.. just as he was almost asleep. He was really pissed off. And when he gets pissed at the cat, he threatens to put him outside. Apparently, I’m a lot more emotionally connected to him than my dad. If something like that gets him walking the guy to the front door. Luckily, he stopped before opening the door though. This time. He’s climbed the curtain a few times before, but this time it fell down. I think he’s pulled on my bedroom curtain too, but I won’t dare tell my dad that. Because of the cat’s BS, my dad had to get up and put the curtain back up. I was considering getting on that game again, but due to him.. oh well..

See ya.

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