Sunday 08.09.2009 —

I awoke reasonably early in the morning again (grr) and eventually looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (Best Buy & Target.. doesn’t look like much for me at all). And then I watched two episodes of Bleach (I woke up at like 2AM and watched half of one before falling asleep.. then watched the rest of them in the morning.. oh look, the Dragon Ball Z rip-offing is complete: first long drawn-out plots and now there’s “spiritual pressure” / “energy” attacks too :p), iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx (lol, only part i didn’t like was.. what Carly did during the fight *no spoilers here* ..otherwise, good two-parter) and five more episodes of Get Smart: Season 3 (liked these more than yesterday’s episodes, especially the one with Carol Burnett :p).

My dad awoke had coffee, had breakfast.. then eventually went to bed again. And so I played Saints Row 2 for a few more hours. I looove the car retrieval lists in these games. I went around and collected five of them, and also played escort for a bit (driving a prostitute around while she works in the back seat). lol @ the part when my character starting singing along to “The Final Countdown” on the car’s radio. Sooo funny. :p

At a little past 1PM, my dad woke up and said it was time for his race. I almost immediately shut off the game, returned to my room and got online. Blah.. I eventually went to the bedroom DVR and watched two episodes of 90210 (yeah, never watched the last four.. whoops :p), then read about half of Gantz Vol 3 (all the nudity is nice, but very distracting to the story :p).

I decided to order some pizza for supper (yum), then eventually we watched some Funniest Videos, Leverage (haha, good episode.. and all caught up.. if only I cared enough for Dark Blue to do the the same to it), Family Guy (“The Juice Is Loose!” lol, that ending is always priceless, even on this third viewing), American Dad (lol).. and finally The Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers (rofl, mostly @ the material that didn’t seem written for them and hence artificial-sounding).

And that was about it for another night. See ya…

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