Saturday 08.08.2009 — the visitors arrive nov 3rd

ABC has now announced that its scifi remake series V will premiere on Tuesday November 3rd at 8PM ET. That’s quite a bit earlier than I was expecting, since most mid-season series don’t air until January. I’m really excited to see this series, especially after seeing this trailer. It’s executive produced by Scott Peters of The 4400 and stars Laura Vandervoort as another sexy alien. 🙂

I awoke too early in the morning and got online.. then eventually fell asleep again. But a few hours later, I awoke once more and soon watched iCarly (The N finally aired an episode that I hadn’t seen before.. haha, Dingo = Disney and the ribbing they gave them about how silly their shows are :p ..and due to that, I liked this show a bit more than usual, nice), then eventually rested on some of the VH1 Top 20 (*sees recap* damn, all my favorite videos were in the first half that I missed 😦 ).. before the new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (117: “The Power Of Three”.. another really good episode 🙂 I look forward to next week.. there’s a new “First Look” at about 5:18 into this collection of promos, showing off the upcoming Kamen Rider Siren.. she’s cute 😉 ).

My dad took off somewhere like he usually does and I got online for about an hour.. until the new episode of Power Rangers RPMepisode 1919: “Three’s A Crowd”. Nope, they didn’t change it at the last minute like last time in Mystic Force. We now officially have two PR episodes with the same name. Heh. This first Judd Lynn episode was pretty good. I thought the convenience store scene was a bit odd though.. after all these episodes where we didn’t see them do such normal things as a trip for groceries. And then they don’t mind covering the store’s phone number in the last scene. D’oh. They just had to use the balloon monster, didn’t they? Ugh. It was probably something Mr Guzelian wouldn’t have used, so why not get it out of the way now? The poison bit was a nice touch though. There isn’t many major changes noticeable between the two producers (except the sentai footage usage has been turned up), most likely because Lynn and Co were probably able to go back to the previous episodes and edit them. That’s probably why Judd Lynn’s name appeared in the credits so early. And yes, Eddie Guzelian’s has magically disappeared starting with this one.

Next, I watched the first five episodes of Get Smart: Season 3 (lol, even more a live-action cartoon than ever before.. at least these episodes seemed that way), followed by Warehouse 13 (good episode.. and now I’m caught up, yay) and Leverage (haha, another very good episode). It was nearing 5PM by this point, so I got online for a while.

We had some supper.. and then I pretty much stayed online all night. Yup, I wasted all that time again. Do you know I still have like the last five or six episodes of 90210 to watch on the bedroom DVR? lol, I do. I think it got pretty stupid at the point where I stopped, but I should really get them watched before the new season starts. Hmm. But not tonight though. All my time’s gone already. 😦

See ya.

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