spec spidey s2 hiatus / tv news bits / today

In case you haven’t noticed, Disney XD had placed The Spectacular Spider-Man into reruns. Well, that stanks. What also stinks is how long they’re making us wait for the remaining episodes. Season 2 will re-commence on Disney XD on October 5th, take another week off, then finally air the remaining episodes beginning on October 19th. Whew. :/ Perhaps I’ll be watching that Season 1 DVD sooner than expected..

There’s a lot of TV talk coming out of TCA lately.. whatever that is. :p FOX’s Virtuality may not be as dead as some think.. but at the same time King Of The Hill and The Moment Of Truth have no place on the FOX line-up and their return is “unlikely”. The latter show even has a whole second season on the shelf waiting to be aired. :/ ..And then of course there’s the most odd and funny news: Paris Hilton will appear on this upcoming season of Supernatural.. as a demon who turns into Paris Hilton. Haha. That should be interesting. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online.. of course. But my dad and I eventually watched some morning TV.. The refrigerator was getting worse, so my dad called up the maintenance guys. I stayed in my room and online while they took away our fridge and put in a new one. It’s smaller, or at least it seems that way. Ugh. We’re too lazy to figure out how to place the panels lower. Double ugh. But at least it’s.. working..?

Not long after all that crap was situated, we went out once again. First, my dad went to Walmart and returned the vacuum that didn’t suck enough, then I went to Borders and finally found the Gantz Vol 5 manga. I also picked up this strange Japanese fruit chew.. that I ended up really liking. I hope they restock since this was the last one they had..

I moved on to Best Buy and replaced Fullmetal Alchemist OVA Collection.. only due to the hole in the DVD case. :p I find any imperfection in my collection so damn annoying. I’m also considering finally getting the Special Edition DVD version of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Best Buy has restocked it in a basic black case that’s pretty damn heavy. Hate digibooks like the initial version of the release so this is great.. I also picked up the next Dragon Ball Z Double Feature steelbook DVD set too..

We returned home.. and there wasn’t much time left in the afternoon, so I just got onto PlayStation Home to check out what little was new. Once I did that, I took my new-and-improved beach-ready version of my avatar out to Central Plaza for a dance to show him off.. and kept falling asleep. lol. But then I kept changing around the avatar to a bunch of things, then finally rested on a scantily-clad female avatar. I was eventually invited to a private “dance” party where another girl avatar eventually “ate” me. But then it hit 6PM and my dad wanted to see his news.

I got online to news-gather, then eventually had a crappy “get your own gawdamn” supper because I’m too “lazy” to buy my own food lately due to my leg cramping up every single time I go.. There was nothing on TV in primetime and my dad was watching a damn baseball game again. I just wasn’t in the mood to fight him for control again, even though my PS3 is getting pretty full of unwatched episodes of the few summer shows I download. Damnit. I retreated to my room and got back online all night. Booooring. Damnit.

See ya.

[ Retired Vaccine Scientist Would Never Vaccinate His Kids ]
[ Iacocca – Where Have All The Leaders Gone? ]
[ The Obama Opiate – Crisis Deepens, Crowds Cheer ]
[ Goldman Has Record Trading Days ]
[ Beware – Bankster Sins May Return To Haunt Us ]
[ US Companies Cut 371,000 MORE Jobs In July ]
[ US Has Spent 3 TRILLION On Iraq Wars ]
[ US Faces Many Billions More For Afghan War ]
[ Murdoch To Charge For Access To All News Websites ]
[ Murdoch’s Plan To Charge May Be Suicidal ]
[ Sibel Edmonds To Testify – May Break Gag Order ]
[ Pedophiles The Hate Bill PROTECTS – Part 2 ]
[ ‘We Sell A Bunch Of Junk’ – Whole Foods Chief ]
[ Repeats, Swearing, Violence – Over 65s Turn Off TV ]
[ L. Ron Hubbard Exposed As A Fake ]
[ A ‘New Cydonia’ Of Ancient ET Mars Monuments ]


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