krdk on wii & ds / today

So Tony Oliver recently worked on a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight video game.. and I haven’t minded posting any more details since no PlayStation version has been announced. 😦 Instead, the game will only be released on the Nintendo Wii and DS systems on November 10th. HenshinJustice even has Wii cover art and a description of the game. Play as all 13 Kamen Riders, cool… but oh well… *sigh*

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then watched Aaron Stone (I stayed up late last night and watched it.. well, the more boring flashback parts until I fell asleep.. so I fast forwarded to after those and watched the rest). I then transferred two more episodes of Caitlin’s Way while I got online again. My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV.

I got online for a bit again, then soon watched Green Lantern: First Flight on Blu-ray. I really enjoyed this. It may actually be one of my favorite DCUAM’s (DC Universe Animated Movie) so far. Though that may be trumped by Superman / Batman: Public Enemies in September. :p ..I also watched the included Duck Dodgers episode.. and didn’t really feel like fitting in anything else this afternoon.

I eventually got online to news-gather.. then eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Wipeout (All-Stars, haha.. liked this a bit more than usual.. neat seeing Ariel Tweto again.. sooooo close at the end, wow), America’s Got Talent (it was alright) and True Blood (finally! damn me wanting to fit it in at night and not having the time until now.. another awesome episode, of course.. damn these episode endings! :p).

*ahem* See ya.

[ Diseased African Monkeys Used To Make Swine Flu Vaccine ]
[ Obama Cartel Ponders Tighter Quarantine Power ]
[ Dr. Orly Taitz’ Lawsuits Exposed To The ‘Flu Pandemic’ ]
[ Nuke Subs Off US Coast ‘Nothing To Worry About’ – Russia ]
[ Ahmadinejad Is Iran’s Elected Leader Says US ]
[ President Ahmadinejad’s Message To The West ]
[ The Second Wave Of The Depression – Hyperinflation Likely ]
[ How We Can Beat Wall St At Its Own Game ]
[ Fed Judge Orders CA To Release 43,000 Inmates ]
[ Afghanistan Choppers May Get Extra Armor… Later ]
[ US Marines Barred From Social Networking Sites ]
[ 911 Dust ‘Gave Thousands Asthma’ (And Worse) ]
[ Antidepressant Use Doubles In US 1996-2005 ]
[ Neanderthals May Have Been Killed Off By Modern Humans ]


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