no news / today

So I awoke at 2AM and finished up the previous entry.. and also watched Robot Chicken (lol) and The Mighty Boosh (haha).. I then awoke at a later time for once (yay), got online and transferred two more episodes of Caitlin’s Way. I got online for a bit, then fell asleep in front t of the TV again.. I awoke to my dad already home from dialysis and watching the rain-delayed NASCAR race. Great. There goes my day. I grumbled and tried to get back to sleep. It didn’t really work.

But then my dad gave the TV over to me and left the room.. so I watched seven more episodes of DBZ Season 7 (woohoo.. four on disc 3 just didn’t seem enough, so I watched the next three on disc 4.. so I watched two discs in one day, damn.. and I enjoyed the episodes too.. may go looking for the next set tomorrow, no new DVDs interest me this week). By the time all that was over, it was nearing 4PM already. So I eventually got online and then news-gathered.

My dad eventually woke up and we had some supper. And then he went back to bed again.. In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha, some episode :p), Make It Or Break It (I miss the old pizza guy over this dick.. otherwise, very good episode) and Raising The Bar (great episode, heh).

My dad woke up and finally realized what I had hours earlier — the refrigerator is dying. 😦 We’ve been here in this same apartment for over 10 years at least (definitely should own the damn thing by now :p), so it was bound to happen. But that didn’t stop my dad from going into red alert, trying to get rid of as much food as possible. My somewhat expensive cherry cheesecake ice cream had already been reduced to cool whip, for part of it anyway. But no doubt the rest will be the same by morning. I noticed an odd whirring sound coming from behind it for the last two days, then noticed how my Code Red was room temperature today. They sure took a little while to replace our stove. Wonder how long it will take for our fridge..

See ya. 😦

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