Sunday 08.02.2009 — the fairy tale continues

I awoke rather early in the morning once again and got online for a bit, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Next, I eventually watched two episodes of Bleach (not bad.. though I had to start the second one over like three times because I kept falling asleep :p), six more episodes of DBZ Season 7 (disc 2 complete, yay.. some very good episodes here.. maybe I’ll go and get the next season set now) and an episode of Warehouse 13 (a bit behind on this one.. not a bad episode, except for the oversexification of Tricia Helfer.. I just don’t see it.. except when she voices Black Widow on Spectacular Spider-Man, oddly enough :p).

It was almost time for my dad’s NASCAR once again, so I got online.. all afternoon.. and thoroughly wasted all my time again. But eventually, we had supper from a fast food place.. then we eventually watched the two-hour premiere of Defying Gravity. I was somewhat interested, but my dad wasn’t feeling good and went to sleep early. And then I fell asleep during the last 30 minutes or so. Damnit. I was somewhat interested. đŸ˜¦ What the heck was Beta? *somewhat impatiently waits for torrent*

I didn’t wake up and finish the entry until about 2AM.. See ya. :/

[ Obama’s Apparent Kenyan Birth Certificate Shown ]
[ Taitz Moves For Authentication Of Kenyan Birth Certificate ]
[ Ott – Evidence Of Actual Origins Of The H1N1 Pandemic ]
[ ‘Support Our Wars Or Be Denied UK Passport’ ]
[ HR 2159 – Latest Fed Try To Take Your Guns ]
[ Perloff – How Bankers Control US Through CFR ]
[ International Banks Exploit Crisis To Reap Huge Profits ]
[ Bankers Take Control Of US Military In Coup ]
[ US Treasury Has To Raise $2 Trillion By 9-30-09 ]
[ The Plot To Destroy The US Dollar ]
[ U.S. Dollar Collapse Starting Next Monday? ]
[ Mainstream Media ‘Economic Recovery’ Propaganda ]
[ Feds Must Prove Rare Gold Coins Stolen To Keep Them ]
[ Why Food Prices Are Set To Rocket ]
[ 50% Of Fruits, Veggies You Buy Are Contaminated ]
[ Video: Lindsey Williams – US & World Swimming In Oil ]
[ Bill Gates Turns His Attention To Weather Control ]
[ Video: UFOs Flying Around Shuttle – NASA Plays Dumb ]


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