Saturday 08.01.2009 — pr rpm 25 spoiler

Kyl416 has revealed another Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1925: “Key To The Past” will premiere on September 26th.

PRRPM Episode 1925 – “Key To The Past” – It dawns on Dillon that the two keys to his watch fit together to play another song. It’s the same song that Tenaya 7 sings! Tenaya 7 is hit by memories of her past. She does some investigating on her own and finds out what really happened to her.

I have liked the subtle way that Tenaya 7 has had her visor down and hiding her face every time she’s been in the presence of Dillon. What a coincidence. :p

I awoke early in the morning again and then got online to finish the previous entry. I fell asleep even before 11PM last night and slept until almost 5AM. Damn.. I was online for about two or three hours, then returned to the living room and watched Degrassi TNG (not a bad episode), The Assistants (haha).. and eventually The Soup again (fell asleep like halfway through it last night :/ ).

But after a little while, it was finally time for a long-awaited new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight116: “The Hero Of Gramercy Heights”. Great episode. I really enjoyed it. 🙂 And I’ve really missed this show.. I got online again.. for about an hour.. then it was time for a new episode of Power Rangers RPMepisode 1918: “Belly Of The Beast”. This is the final Eddie Guzelian episode.. and he goes out quite well. 🙂 The Rangers storm the factory from the previous episode, save the human slaves inside.. and blow the place up! Dr K, with help from Gem and Gemma, are able to infect the Doomsday ship or whatever before it takes off. The DNA changes it into the Whale zord. Ziggy makes sure to point out how silly it is for a whale to fly. lol. After the ‘splosion, Dillon hurries back inside the factory to find her sister. Summer follows and things get heated up by something other than the fires, if you know what I mean. *winkwinknudgenudge* Just as Dillon and Summer are about to kiss, Gem and Gemma put the fires — and them — out. lol. Loves it. :p And then Dillon finds another key just like the one held in his watch. His sister was there. Dun dun DUN. And that was about it for the episode..

After a bit of a break, I nearly lose control of the TV. But I take it back and watch the first six episodes of Dragon Ball Z: Season 7 (this has been sitting unwatched for quite a long time.. glad to get Other World Tournament out of the way, I liked the Great Saiyaman Saga more.. maybe it’s about time I pick up Season 8 & 9.. and GT 1 & 2.. and DB 1 when it comes out rather soon :p ). My dad took off to a few more stores while I watched these, then returned almost as the last episode of the disc was ending. I then gave him back the TV and got online for bit.

I returned the living room out of boredom.. and fell asleep again. We eventually had some supper and watched the first half of Idiocracy.. before my dad changed it to his damn race. I soon got back online.. and that was about it. Except that I watched most of the first episode of the original The Prisoner (most because my cable disconnected with like 5 minutes left). I totally didn’t know there was a TV series back in the 1960s with the same name as my short story.. and has a similar plot. Only instead of a literal prison, the main character’s being held in some creepy “village” with huge white balloons as guards (no, really). The first episode pretty much explained everything that was going on too. I’m hoping AMC’s remake in a few months is better than that. But I think my story’s better than both though, but only because of the “9/11 inside job” stuff in my story. :p

Eh.. see ya..

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