no news / today

I awoke even a bit before my dad awoke today. Ugh. Or maybe he woke me up and momentarily returned to his room. Eh, either way.. I got online while he watched his news.. and was so damn booooored. Once he took off to dialysis, I transferred two episodes of Caitlin’s Way to VHS (didn’t really mind watching them.. and stayed online instead), then got onto PlayStation Home for a little while (checking out all the new stuff that I didn’t have time for yesterday.. after falling asleep at the controller).

My dad returned from dialysis, read the paper then slept a bit. The mail arrived and he took off with his check to buy some things. It’s odd how I ended up with about $80 still in the bank rather than the usual broke.. like my dad. It probably has something to do with my new leg-impaired trips to media buy. *shrug* ..I watched another Ghostwriter mystery (“To The Light” Parts 1-5.. ooh, this was one of my favorites.. it brought back a lot of childhood memories.. too bad the latter two parts became pillarboxed though 😦 ), soon followed by two more episodes of Caitlin’s Way (watched these.. the season-turned-series finale that changes the cast line-up.. pretty good actually.. but now airing out of order due to The N airing them in production number order rather than airing order.. still more episodes to go :/).

After that, it hit 5PM and I got online to news-gather. We eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Surviving Suburbia (lol) and some Goode Family (ugh). I got online for a bit, then returned for an According To Jim rerun, followed by The Soup.. Then I fell asleep all night somewhere in there. Ack. :/

Soooo.. what should I watch next, starting on Monday? I’d like to continue watching PR and watch Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. But.. I’d also like to get this DVD set of Dragon Ball Z out of the way and start buying them again. Especially now that Dragon Ball‘s finally coming out. I’m way behind. 😦 ..Hmm. Anyway, see ya..

[ Video: 12,000 US Kids To Be Swine Flu Vaccine Guinea Pigs ]
[ New Evidence That Swine Flu Virus Is Man-made? ]
[ Lull In H1N1 Cases, But ‘Big Surge’ To Follow ]
[ Swine Flu Call Centre Staffer Speaks Out ]
[ UK Docs To Get Big Bonus Per Swine Flu Jab ]
[ Wal-Mart Weighs Role In Swine Flu Vaccine Plans ]
[ Bombshell – Bin Laden Worked For US Up Until 9/11 ]
[ USAF Vets Talks About What Hit The Pentagon On 9-11 ]
[ The Zionist SPLC Has Become A Danger To America ]
[ Irish Say It Is NOT ‘Anti-Semitism’, It’s Our RIGHT ]
[ Bjerknes – Occult Jewish Plan To Exterminate Gentiles ]
[ JonBenet Ramsey Murder – Satanic Ritual Sacrifice ]
[ John Ramsey And Beth Holloway Twitty Are Dating ]
[ Arkansas State Grand Jury Votes To Indict Obama ]
[ 43 US Dead In July In Obama’s Afghan War ]
[ After $182B Bailout AIG On Verge Of Collapse… Again ]
[ House Passes Fascist Food Safety Bill ]
[ Insane Food Bill 2749 Passes House On 2nd Try ]
[ Conspiracy To Poison Your Faith In Organic Food ]
[ Engdahl – Long Term Effects Of GM Foods On Humans ]
[ How Long Has There Been Hell On Venus? ]
[ Jupiter, Saturn Shield Earth From Comet Hits ]
[ McKinnon Loses Appeal To Stop US Extradition ]
[ Pet Cat Catches, Takes The Bus For 4 Years ]


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