pr rpm 1924 spoiler / family guy banned episode / today

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1924: “Ancient History” will premiere on Saturday September 19th. Additionally. BurgundyRanger has confirmed that new episodes will air during every Saturday in September, as well as the first Saturday of October. But after that comes an eight or ten-week hiatus due to ABC’s sports coverage. The final six episodes will then be premiered during December and January. :/

PRRPM Episode 1924 – “Ancient History” – Untested technology is found in an Alphabet Soup dumping ground. Truman tries to keep the technology from Venjix but instead stumbles upon a video log that pins Dr. K responsible for the start of Venjix. Truman wants to arrest Dr. K. But if he does, she won’t be able to help the rangers with the dangerous Paleomax technology.

“Responsible for the start of Venjix”? Heehee. *hopes*

At San Diego Comic-Con, creator Seth MacFarlane revealed that a future episode of Family Guy that dealt with the touchy subject of abortion may not make it to broadcast on FOX. And then a few days later, FOX confirmed they would not air the episode, titled “Partial Terms of Endearment”. The episode is now likely to show up on a future DVD release instead.

This is getting sooo damn annoying. I’m getting so damn tired of waking up so damn early.My dad wakes up at 5AM everyday, so its probably due to him. He’s always up first.. and then I am. And of course I can’t get back to sleep, so all I have left to do while my dad watches his bullshit news for many many hours is get online to waste some time. And that gets pretty damn boring after awhile. Especially when it happens every damn day.

And then as if he read my mind.. or took my comment about him watching hours of repeating news.. he said I could watch whatever I watched. So eventually, I watched That’s Impossible (the “Weather Warfare” episode I linked to a few days ago.. my dad found it hard to believe, even though it was scientifically explained how it’s possible.. but all that probably went right over his head) and then Michael & Michael Have Issues (lol, my favorite episode so far.. very funny.. I think this one won my DVD purchase.. if it ever comes out.. and if I’m able to buy it when it does..).

I fell asleep for a little while as my dad watched some morning TV. Then I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. All day. Because it wasn’t back online from its content update until around 5PM. Ugh. I killed most of the afternoon (while impatiently waiting) on more Namco Museum Essentials.. then finally got into PlayStation Home. There is quite a lot of new stuff this week.. hence the impatience.

Since it got back online so late, I opted to keep the PS3 online up to 7PM. We had some supper in there somewhere.. then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there wasn’t anything on TV. And due to recent events, I wasn’t really in the mood to watch anything anyway. I ended up just staying online most of the night and my dad eventually took off outside to talk to an actual human being (unlike me).

And.. that’s about it? Goodni– er, see ya..

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[ Pregnant May Get More Seriously Ill With H1N1 ]
[ Wall Street Journal – Let’s Break Up The Fed ]
[ Banks Paid $32B Bonuses Amid US Bailout ]
[ Illuminati, Child Prostitution & The Secret Service ]
[ Video: Ahmadinejad DID NOT Threaten To ‘Wipe Israel Off The Map’ ]
[ What If Obama Was In Fact Born British? ]
[What If Westerners Were All Suddenly Sterile?
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[ Mysterious Bright Spot On Venus ]
[ Major Event – UFO Crashes Into Ottowa River ]
[ UFO Expert Finds Ottowa River Crash Strange ]
[ US Accused Of ‘Insulting’ Gary McKinnon ]


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