x-men origins wolverine dvd blu / degrassi & icarly movies / today

X-Men Origins: Wolverine will hit DVD shelves on September 15th as 1-disc and 2-disc DVD versions, as well as a Blu-ray. The 1-disc DVD will include a single featurette. The 2-disc DVD will add to that two commentaries, deleted & extended scenes, two more featurettes.. and the digital copy. But the Blu-ray will include ALL that as well as a trivia track and FIVE exclusive featurettes. The cover art is alright, I guess. I’m in for the Blu.. even though I’m hearing this movie really sucks. But eh, at least they’re saying it’s better than X-Men 3. :p

The N’s first original two-hour movie (actually comprised of a four-part episode) Degrassi Goes Hollywood will premiere on the network on Friday August 14th at 8PM ET. The movie will feature star-studded appearances by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Perez Hilton, Pete Wentz, Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Carlson and Cassadee Hope. Six original songs by the series’ cast members will also be featured and they’ll be released on the Degrassi Goes Hollywood: Music From The Original Movie! soundtrack, digitally on July 21st and in stores on August 4th.. Meanwhile, Nickelodeon has moved back their iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx one-hour movie premiere by one day and it will now debut on Saturday August 8th at 8PM ET. 🙂

Before falling asleep, I watched the evening’s episodes of Robot Chicken (haha @ a skit from Robot Chicken Star Wars 2 Extended being in this episode as well :p ..otherwise, hilarious episode) and The Mighty Boosh (lol, liked this episode).. at 2 or 3AM or whatever. Then I finally slept.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a bit before watching another MST3k (..fell asleep for most of it.. but it looked like another one of those painful movies even they couldn’t make better, so oh well). Then I got online again before watched six more episodes of iCarly: Season 1 (I missed the opening for a couple episodes here, so that’s.. about all that was new.. good episodes though).

My dad returned home from dialysis just as I started the episodes, so he soon went to bed for his usual nap. Once they ended, I.. got online again.. for most of the afternoon. I just didn’t know what else to watch now that I had gotten iCarly done so early. :p As my dad woke up though, I watched last night’s Robot Chicken again (to VHS it.. damn you VCR that is built to fail after six months or so so that you’re forced to buy another one! grrr), then got online again. But then I watched Square Roots: The Story of SpongeBob SquarePants (cool documentary..).

I got online to news-gather, then eventually had some supper.. In primetime, my dad took off for another damn nap while I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha @ a whole summer passing between this episode and the next..), Make It Or Break It (I really liked Razor, he was cool.. then the writers shipped him off and replaced him with this douche.. damnit.. good episode otherwise) and Raising The Bar (another very good episode this week..). My dad woke up just in time to take back the TV.. and that was it for the night..

See ya.

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