Saturday 07.25.2009 — *snores*

I once again awake at 5AM in the morning. Damnit. -_- I got online for a while, then watched Degrassi TNG (nice, a better episode than usual 🙂 ) and The Assistants (lol, another very good episode). After that, I fell asleep for a bit again.. then awoke to my dad watching TV. But once he was finished with some infomercial, I watched Funny People: Live (a DVD bonus feature on TV! >_> why were the clips so damn short though 😦 ).. followed by the first seven episodes of iCarly: Season 1 (I thought I’d start these DVDs next.. even though I’ve already seen most of these episodes in repeats recently.. three here were new to me, and iWanna Stay With Spencer & iNevel were definitely good enough to see again.. I’d like to finish these DVDs before the upcoming “movie”).

I got online for a bit while my dad took over the TV for his usual sports stuff. I then returned to the living room.. and nodded off to sleep again due to said sports stuff. Then I got online again.. and that was about it for the night….

I think I shall keep expanding my hold on my unused Netflix account until the end of the year. If PS3 streaming isn’t implemented (like it is on xbox) by then, I’ll finally cancel it. Microsoft and their retarded exclusivity deals with expiration dates.. >_>

Yeah, that was random.. and before that, rather useless.. I’m out dis bitch. SEE YA!

[ Burgermeister – WHO Begins Global Depopulation Agenda ]
[ WHO Will Be Killing You? ]
[ Squalene – Swine Flu Vaccine’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed ]
[ Obama Science Czar Wants Forced Abortions, Mass Sterilization ]
[ US Preps Major ‘Terrorism’ Readiness Exercise ]
[ Government By Goldman Sachs ]
[ Iran Vows To Hit Israel’s Atomic Sites If Attacked ]


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