gta iv liberty city episodes xcox / today

Rockstar Games have now announced an October 29th disc release for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City on the XBOX 360. It will include both DLC episodes The Lost And Damned & The Ballad Of Gay Tony on a disc. Owning Grand Theft Auto IV will no longer be required… Now all we must do is wait for Microsoft’s silly little exclusivity deal to run out and then it’ll be ported to PS3. Hooray. :p Or they’ll release them separately on PSN before a disc release in order to maximize profits. Psh..

I awoke too early in the morning yet again (grr), got online for a bit, then eventually fell back to sleep.. I awoke again later t o my dad watching his usual morning TV.. so I retreated to my room and got online again.. Eventually, my dad news was over and I took over the TV. I watched another MST3k (“The Unearthly” bad movie though).. then soon followed that with V For Vendetta on Blu-ray (it took until a third viewing to make it official, but.. yup, this is my #1 favorite movie ever, bumping Contact down to #2.. for now.. love this movie!).

Next, I got online to news-gather.. then.. eventually had supper.. In primetime, my dad wanted to watch the local baseball game again. We watched the final two episodes of Samantha Who? (haha.. not that bad of an ending, not too cliffhangery at all), followed by Leverage (it got off to an odd start.. but it ended in the right place 🙂 ).. in between a lot of stops to watch said baseball game. I must admit I was.. interested in the outcome just a bit. My dad and I used to go out and watch the games.. back in what feels like a different lifetime now. 😦

I eventually returned to my room for the night.. See ya……….

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