*crickets* / today

I awoke to my dad awakening for dialysis again. Damnit. Once he left, I got away from the boring news and watched SpongeBob (haha) and Mighty Boosh (demon grannys! lol).. before falling asleep again. I awoke and my dad was already home.. and so I was subjected to some of the usual boring morning TV he seems to enjoy. But he soon went to bed for his usual nap.. then I got online for a while.

But after that, I watched MST3k (lol).. followed by Iron Man on Blu-ray (yup, bought this one twice, once on each format :p ..awesome film though, cannot wait for future Marvel Movie Universe movies.. the second film’s up for tomorrow of course.. which I’ve also bought twice). The movie ended at 4:30, but by 5PM I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ha’s @ how the secret all passes around to everybody.. then I was a bit disappointed when the next secret didn’t go the same route.. ah well, maybe next week), Make It Or Break It (another pretty good episode..) and Raising The Bar (another really good episode.. yup). It was difficult to pay attention because the maintenance guy or whatever was in the apartment upstairs recarpeting the floor almost up to 11PM. And my dad ignore the TV most of the night and went outside instead.. after telling the guy that he usually stays up until midnight.. *rolls eyes*

See ya.

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[ Pedophile Wins Big Damages Lawsuit ]
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[ Now Legal Immunity For Swine Flu Makers ]
[ FDA OKs Flu Vaccine For 2009-2010 – Not For A-H1N1 ]
[ Swine Flu Cure Used During 1918 Flu Pandemic ]
[ Airlines To Stop Suspected Swine Flu Victims From Flying ]
[ Swine Flu May Severely Worsen Economic Crisis ]
[ Did Goldman Sachs Profit From Crisis It Caused? ]
[ 2009 US Deficit Is $2 Trillion – 4 Times 2008 ]
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[ Apollo 11 Astronauts Call For Mars Mission ]
[ Mysterious, Glowing Clouds Over US Night Skies ]
[ Was Cheney Given S-4 ET, Crashed Disc Tour? ]
[ UK School Traumatizes Kids With Alien Abduction ]


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