Saturday 07.18.2009 — mmpr remastered? 2 / dvd ads jul 19-25

RitoRevolto / aresef / etc etc.. has revealed just a few more details about the remastering of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

In his panel, in response to a PR question, Tony let slip that he got a call from a friend who does video work who was all like “You’ll never guess what’s on my desk.” According to Tony, they’re cleaning up (remastering, reformatting, digitizing, etc.) the video and plan to air it unedited. He doesn’t know what channel.

Awesome. Cannot wait for more details.. and that panel video and/or audio.. :p

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of July 19th to 25th: Best Buy & Target. I’ve been waiting to purchase Watchmen since the moment I stepped out of that theater months back. And the Director’s Cut will add 24 minutes back into the film, making for a 3hr+ movie. Ack. And unfortunately, the theatrical version is only available on the 1-disc DVD. There’s also no sign of it being included on the Ultimate Cut DVD & Blu-ray in December either. :/ ..The Watchmen Blu-ray will be just about the same everywhere. Target will be $25.99 and Best Buy $24.99. Best Buy will also feature two exclusive plastic “head” packages — Rorschach for 2-disc DVD or Dr Manhattan for Blu-ray — at a higher pricepoint. None of the exclusives sound good, so I’ll go for the basic Blu methinks. Frys is said to have it for just $20.77, so I hope to find that ad in the paper tomorrow and price-match. 😀 Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II is also out tomorrow and its lowest price is $9.99 at Target..

I awoke in the morning and watched SpongeBob (haha), Degrassi TNG (ooh, good episode), The Assistants (lol, my favorite episode so far 🙂 ) and more SpongeBob (haha again). But then I sorta fell asleep for a little while.. I awoke a little later and soon found Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana (haha, crossoverage.. wish I could have caught the original crossover though..).. followed by a Hannah Montana two-parter (eh not bad I guess).

I then defaulted to the SpongeBob weekend marathon for the rest of the afternoon. I just wasn’t in the mood to watch a movie due to my health problem acting up again.. And then I received a rather surprising package in the mail. A fan had asked for my mailing address and sent me all of iCarly: Season 1 on DVD (as in Volume 1 & 2) as well as an unofficial X-Files guide book on tape. Coool. Thanks soooo much. 🙂 I believe I used to own this unofficial guide book too, but I sold it off when I got the official guide books. They never completed those though. 😦

I got online at 6PM as my dad took over the TV to watch his.. news.. And we soon had some supper. After some more time online, my dad and I just watched some more stand-up on Comedy Central as well as the season premiere of The Bill Engvall Show (the daughter’s kinda hot.. and the show’s pretty good too?).

Near the end of the night, my leg began leaking again. But more profusely than I had ever seen it leak before. Before, the leakage was more clear.. but this was a darker brown color. Ugh. Glad my dad convinced me to put newspaper down earlier today. Don’t want to ruin the carpet any more than I already have. The Sunday paper better be nice and huge tomorrow…

See ya.

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