iron man tv vol 1 dvd / batman 4 film dvd / today

Iron Man: Armored Adventures will hit DVD and Blu-ray on October 20th.. but it will be a Volume 1 containing the series’ first six episodes. But it’s still a bit surprising that it’ll be coming to Blu-ray as well.. The DVD will have a $16.95 SRP, while the Blu will go for a $29.95 SRP. And no other details, like special features (if any), right now unfortunately. 😦

A 4 Film Favorites: Batman Collection DVD set will be released on September 29th, the same date as the Superman / Batman: Public Enemies animated feature (that reunites voice actors from the two DC Animated Universe TV series, yay) is set for DVD & Blu-ray release. What a coincidence. :p 4 Film Favorites: Superman is already out and I own it, so I better get this one to complete my budget collection. This set will include Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever & Batman & Robin across two double-sided discs. Just like the old Superman films, I’d like to own these on disc.. but just not pay a lot for them. So I’m looking forward to this. 🙂 Even though it’s pretty lacking in special features while the Superman one at least had some (commentaries on all four, deleted scenes for three of them etc).. :/

I awoke way too early in the morning again.. and got online for a bit. But then I watched The Mighty Boosh (Old Gregg.. I still find it the most unfunny thing ever.. strange :/) and the first five episodes of Teen Titans: Season 5 (this DVD has been sitting on my shelf since release date over a year ago, wow.. just kinda forget about it, partly because I had actually watched part of this season on TV and wanted some time to make the episodes feel somewhat new again :p ..very good start to the season 🙂 ). I slept through an entire episode and had to play through it again though. I awoke too early, remember? After the episodes, I fell asleep for a few hours..

My dad returned from dialysis, we made our own lunches.. then he went off to bed for his usual nap. I got online for a bit.. then ended up watching Nickelodeon all afternoon. Argh. From Spongebob, Ned’s Declassified (nice to see this show again even though I’ve virtually every episode) and iCarly (why must they repeat the same episodes all the time, damn.. there’s still some I haven’t seen but they aren’t airing them). I really wanted to get in some time on inFamous, but our cat got all comfy on me and I didn’t want to interrupt. :p

At around 5PM, I got online to news-gather. Then my dad wasn’t hungry, so I paid for some Taco Bell for myself since I was.. In primetime, we (well, mainly I) watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (hahaha, I like Jennifer Coolidge’s character here and am curious what she’s up to :p), Make It Or Break It (probably my favorite episode so far.. maybe) and Raising The Bar (another great episode, seem to like this one more all the time). And.. that was about it for the night.

See ya.

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