Saturday 07.11.2009 —

I awoke rather early again. Damnit.. I gave up on sleep and watched Degrassi TNG (good episode.. though next week looks better :p), the first two episodes of The Assistants (from the creators of Pete & Pete and executive producer Thomas W. Lynch, who’s done everything from Alex Mack, Caitlin’s Way and most recently South of Nowhere.. wow… the show was okay, I laughed 🙂 it was great seeing Britt Irvin on TV again 🙂 ) and some Kenan & Kel (nice seeing this show again.. The N should show more old stuff like this instead of 3563623453635345 reruns of Degrassi in one day).

After that, I then watched the final six episodes of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (the last four episodes were especially awesome… especially that epic finale, loved it all over again.. I wonder how long I should wait before watching my PRLR data DVDs now..), soon followed by today’s new episode of Power Rangers RPMepisode 1917: “Prisoners”. Another really good episode. I really liking how they’re revealing little bits of the mystery. I just hope Mr Lynn can pick it up and take it in the right direction.. without too much screwage by Disney. And the revelation at the end was rather surprising. Can’t wait to see where that goes… on frickin’ August 1st. Yup, ABC’s pulling another hiatus out of their ass for the next three weeks. But at least then we’ll get four weeks of new episodes in a row. I’m thinking BurgundyRanger‘s estimation of a January finale keeps looking more and more likely…

I got online for about an hour or so. My dad made a huge deal out of wanting to vacuum all morning, then the moment he’s able to do so (while the TV is not in use).. he leaves on an errand. :/ And even more amazing, he returns only a couple minutes after I’m done online and have returned to the TV. :p I couldn’t find anything on TV.. so I caught some Spongebob and fall asleep. My dad takes over the TV while I’m sleeping, but then gives it back once I awoke. Odd. Also odd how he found more Spongebob so much later..

He eventually fell asleep, so I watched Torchwood: Children of Earth (Day Three.. wow, great stuff.. really looking forward to more, wish I had the time for it).. then VHSed another Caitlin’s Way (it actually stopped recording in the middle of the episode for the first time in quite a while.. probably because my dad demanded he finally vacuum.. the VCR overheats and it got hotter in the room during vacuuming 😦 I’ll have to try VHSing the rest later tonight or something).

I then gave up and got online for a little while, but soon returned to the living room where my dad was watching his NASCAR race. Argh. I fell asleep. For hours. I didn’t wake up until 12:30AM with my dad announcing that he was going to bed now. :/ I got back online, then soon VHSed some more Caitlin’s Way. Can’t believe I’m out of tape. I usually keep in stock.. at least before my legs became a little useless.. 😐

Well.. see ya..

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[ German News On Swiss H5N1 Bioterrorism Incident ]


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