dvd ads jul 12-18 / today

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of July 12th to 18th: Best Buy & Target. Nope. Nothing new or old here for me, fortunately. Maybe I can use my one weekly excursion out into the world for something else this time.. *shrug* That and the following two weeks of discs.. Whew..

I awoke pretty early in the morning.. and watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (PRiS teamup, awesome.. a Ranger death, tragic..).. followed by some time online.. and two episodes of Caitlin’s Way. My dad returned home from dialysis and I got online, then he soon went to bed.. I then watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (the Lost Galaxy.. finally :p ..I’m betting the whole Guardian thing would have made more sense and gotten more backstory if they had had time to do the Ancient Rangers story arc that was originally planned before the unfortunate cancer thing 😦 ).

Next, I watched an iCarly rerun or two before playing some inFamous (yay, beat that mission..). I then got online to news-gather as the time reached for 6PM. We eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Surviving Suburbia (yum, continuing to like the hot teenage character.. that’s probably played by a twentysomething.. right? >_>), Taken: Extended Cut on Blu-ray (great film.. even better now that I know what the foreign people are saying :p ..I downloaded illegally, then bought the Blu on release date mmk? awesome movie, had to own it) and The Soup (lol). And after all that, I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

[ Big Brother Is Watching You – Pervasive Surveillance Under Obama ]
[ Billions In Aid Go To Areas That Backed Obama ]
[ CIA Lies About Secret Program Should Enrage Congress ]
[ Medvedev Shows New ‘World Currency’ Coin At G-8 ]
[ Cyber Attacks Enter New Phase ]
[ Three Inquiries Into News Of World Hacking ]
[ More Potential Phone Hack Victims See Lawyers ]
[ Frail Kim Jong-il May Only Have Months Left ]
[ Google Commemorates Tesla’s Birthday ]
[ New Tires Made Of Oil From Orange Peels ]
[ Most US Don’t Believe Humans Cause Climate Change ]
[ Search – Woman Missing In NY Skyscraper For 2 Days ]


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