damn, no news / today

I awoke rather early in the morning again, as is becoming usual.. unfortunately. I got online for a while, then transfered another Caitlin’s Way.. before I fell asleep again. I awoke a little later (er, a lot later actually) and got online for a while.. again. But then I took over the TV and watched six more episodes of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (downloaded the missing episode and watched it.. then skipped another episode that refused to be played on my PS3.. it was just “Green Courage”, not that big of a deal.. then watched all episodes up to and not including PRiS, yay.. “Blue To The Test” is another favorite of mine.. I’m noticing Ron Wasserman’s instrumentals still being used here, so Disney probably can’t release this on US DVD either without changes.. damn them for blocking the German DVD).

After that, I watched another iCarly (during my quiet week, I watched quite a few episodes of this show.. in a row.. multiple times.. due to Nick’s random rerun schedule.. but now I’m running out of ones I haven’t seen earlier than expected :/) followed by last night’s finale of Reno 911! (lol, but.. *pouts* a finale ending like a regular episode for the first time ever, wtf). I then got online to news-gather by 5PM..

We eventually had some supper.. which was actually better than usual.. for something in the non-fast variety anyway.. In primetime, I mainly watched the new episode of Samantha Who? (oh look, plotlines that were dropped abruptly resurface as if episodes are being aired out of order.. good job, ABC!) while my dad went outside to.. sit.. I then watched the first two episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth (whoa, awesome start.. I tried watching Part 1 this morning, but fell asleep halfway through so I watched it again here.. Part 2 was crazy as hell!!1 O_O ..soo looking forward to the rest).

And after that, I mainly just returned to my room for the night.. Do any of you think I should order the remaining Power Rangers Jungle Fury DVD volumes from the UK? I have a region-free player now going heavily unused due to the end of the German DVDs, plus I still have my US DVDs of Vol 1 & 2 unwatched because I was waiting for the rest of the season to be released here. 😦 Looks like Amazon UK has them for really cheap too. About $20 or so for all three (before shipping, of course). *shrug* See ya.

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[ When Recovery Comes, It Won’t Feel Like One ]
[ Homeless Die After H5N1 Bird Flu Vaccine Trial In Poland ]
[ Australian Town First To Ban Plastic Bottled Water ]
[ Buzz Aldrin – Dark Times After Historic Flight ]
[ The Mystery Of The Shrinking Red Star ]
[ MP – McKinnon Sacrificed To Appease US ]


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