no news / today

I awoke in the morning and soon watched two episodes of iCarly, Mighty Boosh.. and then the first five episodes of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (yup, starting another season.. but of TV rips on data DVD through PS3 rather than official German DVD 😦 ..these episodes weren’t as great as I remember them.. but eh, it gets WAY better later..). I followed that with another Caitlin’s Way, then my dad came home and watched some of his morning TV. Yaaaawn.

But he went to bed quickly, so I reclaimed the TV and watched.. eight more episodes of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (I know, I can’t believe it either.. EIGHT.. I was going to watch another five, but just kept on going :p ..some really good stuff here, though I’m really looking forward to PRiS, Karone, the LG stuff and the epic finale), Is She Really Going Out With Him (finally caught a rerun of this Blake Foster –from PR Turbo— episode on MTV.. yup, really made him look bad with editing, though I doubt he had NO clue they were going to go this route like he claims.. eh, get a paycheck where you can get it I guess, even if its through a fake reality show), another Caitlin’s Way (damn, out of VHS and there’s a more enjoyable show I can be transferring / watching now.. damnit.. those “The Present” 2-parter was pretty good too) and last Monday’s Raising The Bar (wow, really great episode this.. er, last week.. the ending surprised me a bit).

It was 5PM, so I got online to news-gather. I quickly got that over with.. then had a couple hours to waste doing nothing. Damnit. :p ..In primetime, we watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (lol, stupid show..), Make It Or Break It (I’ve been liking this show..) and Raising The Bar (this is probably the first time I’ve seen an episode “live”.. i’ve always DVRed or downloaded before :p ..another great episode this week too). And after that.. that was about it.. :p

See ya.

[ As Israel Gears Up For War – US Divide Appears ]
[ McKinney Released, Returning To The United States ]
[ Jamail – US Occupation Of Iraq Continues Unabated ]
[ Dems Try To Railroad Hate Bill Onto Defense Bill ]
[ Video: Sen Inhofe Blasts Obama’s Phony Climate Bill ]
[ Effort To Stop Obama Destroying US Torture Pics ]
[ Bioweapons, Vaccines & The Threat Of World Pandemic ]
[ US Lurching Towards ‘Debt Explosion’ ]
[ Brown Warns G8 Of New Recession Dangers ]
[ Offshore Gas Reserves – Stake Your Claim ]
[ Moon Treaty Prohibits Moon Bombing ]
[ Russian Space Craft Landed On Moon Hours Before US ]
[ US Manned Return To Moon In Doubt ]
[ Sudden Super Sunspot – Intense Say Astronomers ]
[ Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High) ]
[ Disc UFO Just 500 Ft Over Michigan City, IN Highway ]


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