pr rpm 21 spoiler / spec spidey 203 info / dvd ads jun 28-jul 4

Ow. 😦

In other news… KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1921: “Not So Simple” (or possibly “E-Motion”) will premiere on August 22nd.

PRRPM Episode 1921 – “Not So Simple” (or is it “E-Motion”?) – For the first time, Gem and Gemma split up on something. Gemma believes in what Flynn can do. Together they work on a wheelzord on the side. With all their resources used up, Dr. K has to trust the untested technology and they use it to destroy the latest attack bot.

Also, up tomorrow is another all-new episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man on Disney XD! It’s episode 203: “Reinforcement”, premiering Monday June 29th at 7:30PM ET. So once again, here’s some additional information and a trailer…

“As Christmas approaches, the SINISTER SIX reconstitutes with SANDMAN, RHINO, VULTURE, ELECTRO and new members MYSTERIO and KRAVEN. All they want for Christmas is SPIDER-MAN – dead. Meanwhile, PETER PARKER finds his wandering eye prevents him from being with GWEN STACY. He’ll have to learn to focus if he wants to get the girl… and if he wants to stay alive.”

Oh, and perhaps a few people would like to see these too? Best Buy ad for Jun 28-Jul 4 & Target ad for June 28-Jul 4. Reaper for just $16.49 at Best Buy is pretty hard to pass up..

Well… see ya…

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