tmnt 25th update again / media / today

Another viral marketing blog post for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th Anniversary Special has appeared at 4Kids.TV. I probably wouldn’t have posted it.. if it weren’t for the MP3 that the image links to.. that provides a tiny audio peek at the upcoming movie. “Cowabunga!” “I am Oroku Saki, the one TRUE Shredder!” “Say your prayers, Turtles. *snort*” Wow. O_O *shakes fist @ making most of us wait months to see it*

I awoke.. but then I fell asleep.. and then I awoke again.. We eventually watched some morning TV, but then.. we got ready and headed out to media buy…

First, I visited Best Buy and picked up The Pink Panther 2 on Blu (I felt contractually obligated to purchase and ignored the bad reviews.. I suck) as well as Death Note Re-Light Vol 1: Visions Of A God on DVD (it was until I had got home that I noticed it was encased in one of those shitacular “eco-friendly” cases with all the damn holes in it due to Warner Bros now distributing Viz DVDs.. what horse shit that is, only thing its saving is Warner’s money). Then I got the usual icee (blended the two flavors perfectly, was the best one I’ve had in a while) and made a short visit to another story before returned home..

While my dad went off to continue his shopping, I watched The Spectacular Spider-Man (the two-episode season premiere.. tried to watch it late last night, but fell asleep, so here I am again.. very good episodes, great start to the season 🙂 ) and Aaron Stone (eh it was alright.. I find it odd that the girl acted like she was going to be a fighter too, but now she’s only helping out from the sidelines :/). I then checked out PlayStation Home for a while.. before finally returning to inFamous (so I quit when I got stuck on a rather difficult mission.. but I’m back.. I looked around for a few more blast shards.. then I couldn’t believe it when I actually beat the mission and moved forward to the next island, yay.. and even better, I got three new trophies 🙂 ).

We eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Harper’s Island (been a bit since I saw this last.. good episode though) and America’s Got Talent (could I finally be tired of this show? over the course of the whole thing, I only enjoyed like 2 or 3 acts.. all the rest were just boredom for me.. sooo looking forward to all the coming weeks of watching it just because my dad still enjoys it). And after all that, I returned to my room for the night.

It seems my condition didn’t like what I did today. I guess I walked too much.. and so by primetime it felt like my leg was going to explode or something. So that’s just great.. I may just begin making these entries even more bare than they are now. The chair in front of my computer is rather uncomfortable and has become even more uncomfortable now. Perhaps.. news only? Or maybe nothing at all? The barren comments space goes to show how much my very very small base of readers actually care anymore. And who knows how much longer I’m going to live anyway..

Well.. see ya. Maybe.

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[ US Sen DeMint Says Hate Law Must Be Stopped ]
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[ Flu Vaccines Deliberately Contaminated ]
[ Major Nanotechnology Article In Russian Magazine ]
[ Remarkable New Mars Photos ]
[ June 1947 – UFOs Visit Elsewhere In The World ]


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