tmnt 25th anniv special update / fear itself s1 ce dvd / today

A 4Kids representative has revealed a little bit more about the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th Anniversary Special. We should know the official title within about a month, the DVD release version will be longer than the version that will air on CW4KidsTV, and that the film will be first screened for those lucky bastards who are able to go to the San Diego Comic-Con next month. Damnit. :p Dong Woo (who did the 2003 series animation) is working on this project, though the animation quality will still be better than your average episode. And hooray, there’ll be absolutely no mentions of Fast Forward or Back To The Sewer. 🙂

And while you think about all that, check out these viral marketing blog entries. :p …Oh, and did I forget to mention that the promo that aired Saturday morning is now on 4Kids.TV as well?

NBC’s short-lived horror anthology series Fear Itself will hit DVD shelves on September 15th, in the form of Fear Itself – The Complete First Season: Collector’s Edition. All 13 episodes will be included, featuring five episodes which never aired on TV and four episodes that will now be “Director’s Cut” versions. Guest stars included Rachel Miner, Eric Roberts, Cynthia Watros, Colin Ferguson, William B. Davis, Elizabeth Moss, Stephen Lee, Brandon Routh, Shiri Appleby, John Billingsley and Eric Balfour. For special features, each episode will have a behind-the-scenes featurette and director interview. The packaging (and maybe the price) is probably the thing that will make me pick it up right away. It looks to be a steelbook case shaped to look like a tomb with a skeleton lying in it. Cooool. 🙂

I awoke rather early in the morning and got online for a bit. Once my dad headed off for dialysis, I watched the last four episodes of Family Guy: Volume 7 (a real shame the Christian Bale thing was taken out of “Ocean’s Three & A Half” and only aired once 😦 ..but otherwise, lol).. then soon fell asleep again. I awoke a few hours later, had some breakfast, and watched Mighty Boosh (“Electro”.. lol, probably my favorite episode so far.. the hat bit was so funny).. followed by two episodes of Caitlin’s Way (well, VHSed one while online.. then watched the other because my dad had come home from dialysis :p).

So my dad had returned home. I let him watch his Price Is Right, then he took off for a nap soon after. I got on PlayStation Home.. and that was about it for the afternoon. I visited a bunch of different spaces, played a few games of poker.. but that was about it. Then I chose to shut it off early (even before 5PM), returned to my room and got online to news-gather..

Eventually in primetime, we watched The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (pretty good start to the half-season.. we both enjoyed it), Make It Or Break It (didn’t really expect to like this one.. as much as I actually did.. hm) and finally True Blood (awesome episode, cannot wait for next week now). I really liked 10 Things I Hate About You, so I’m really looking forward to the upcoming TV series based on the movie. 🙂 And then that was pretty much it..

So I guess I’ve known what I’ve had for a while now.. but it hadn’t gotten particularly annoying until just recently. I don’t have any kind of health care program apparently, so I can’t just go in and be all “fix me” without them being all “you cannot afford it” and shoving me back out the door to possibly die. On the other hand, I’ve been wanting to die for years. Just.. not like this. I was hoping for something less painful and more short really. *sigh*

…See ya…

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