Sunday 06.21.2009 — spectacular spider-man s2 premiere promo

In case you need to be reminded yet again, the second season premiere of The Spectacular Spider-Man will debut tomorrow — Monday June 22nd at 7PM ET on Disney XD with two back-to-back episodes. It will then settle into its regular timeslot the following week — June 29th — at 7:30PM ET.

In the season premiere, “Blueprints,” Peter wants to talk to Gwen about their first kiss, but before he gets the chance, Spider-Man has a run-in with the sorcerer Mysterio. Following in the additional brand-new episode, “Destructive Testing,” Peter wrestles with his feelings for both Gwen and Liz, but in the meantime, Kraven the Hunter has arrived to make Spider-Man his prey.

Soo cannot wait to see this new season. Also, here’s a very brief Season 2 promo I received. I guess Sony is putting the promotion into other people’s hands because they’re less-than-happy with what little Disney XD has done so far. But anyway, here it is.. 🙂

After my dad went to bed, I got on PlayStation Home.. and might’ve actually enjoyed the last few remaining hours of the lame “Hamsters vs Humans Dance Off” event. I found it lame until I logged on and read that based on which side wins, there’ll be different free stuff.. at least a month from now. I donned my Hamster suit and got on the front lines. :p A few hours later, everyone had dispersed and I sat my avatar aside on a bench.. and fell asleep. Damnit. When I woke up, there were avatars all around me and they seems to be making light-hearted fun of my inactive avatar. While I was considering how to make a hasty exit, that decision was made for me. The power went off and back on. I took that advantage to switch the internet back over to the rebooted PC, then soon went to sleep again.

I awoke in the morning with nothing to watch once again. At least at how early that I had woken up. I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. But eventually (maybe hours later, after more sleep), I took over the TV and watched two episodes of Bleach (ugh @ “powering up” episodes.. so boring.. though the way-too-brief comedic moments were nice) followed four more episodes of Family Guy: Volume 7 (lol.. the swearing seemed more worthy in these episodes, at least part of the time) and four episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (yup, enjoying this show.. now only have two episodes before I’m caught up with Nicktoons though).

After that, my dad’s last-minute excuse to take over the TV was starting, so I returned to my room and got online.. very briefly, due to the chair again. I then went back to the living room and slept most of the painful afternoon away. Yup, still pain.. for like the fourth day now. But it seems to slowly be getting better at least.. After those hours, I got back online again for a little while..

We had some more fast food for supper, then soon watched Just For Laughs (haha), Funniest Videos (hahaha), Home Makeover (my dad watched, I mainly ignored..) and finally the “ABC Premiere Miniseries Event”.. Impact – Part 1. Wow, I see a lot of mid-to-low-grade actors here that I’ve seen on TV a few times before.. oh, and there’s that JAG guy and that Species girl. :p Once all the basic and boring plot elements that I’ve seen in 395474652 other disaster movies got started and the.. disastering finally got underway, I started to enjoy it more. A meteor hits the moon, sending it in a course to hit the Earth. Oooh. But Part 1 was all about Earth’s electromagnetics getting all screwed up or whatever. I couldn’t help but laugh at the quality of special effects when objects and people began floating off of the Earth. :p But overall, I enjoyed it. It’s pretty good for a TV miniseries anyway. Part 2 next Sunday..

Well.. see ya.

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