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I awoke at 5AM in utter pain. It seemed to be emanating from my right leg and feels like it may have to do with bad blood circulation. I was unable to sit down otherwise the pain would worsen when I stood up. Also, there was an urge to throw up after attempting to consume food and water. For some reason, I tried not to let my dad know what was happening because he always yells at me about bad health. I got online and finished the previous entry, then I finally gave up and decided to lay down. I slept for maybe an hour and then it hurt like hell when I stood up. But then it soon partially subsided. I got back online for a little while, trying to ignore it and the seemingly non-stop shaking throughout my body.

I eventually moved into the living room and fell in and out of sleep for a few hours as my dad watched his usual morning TV. But then I finally saw my chance and got onto PlayStation Home. I bought some of new stuff that I wanted, but I just couldn’t enjoy any of it with my right leg continuing to act up. I shut off the PS3, had some milk (which only made me feel sick again), then got back online on the PC as my dad took off to the grocery store. I wish I could have gone, but I definitely cannot. I keep wiping the sweat off my face, but it returns near-instantaneously.

Instead, I sat down and fell asleep once again. I was awoken my my dad returning from the store maybe an hour later. I was feeling somewhat better by this point, so I watched Reno 911! (lol) followed by four more episodes of Veronica Mars: Season 1 (more great episodes of course.. six episodes left, and I might just watch Season 2 right after this one’s over.. Veronica: “We used to be friends. A long time ago.” *theme starts* lol priceless :p). And after that, I got back on PlayStation Home for about 90 minutes. Buy the Ghostbusters Firehouse and get a Mr Stay Puft head for your avatar. lol. I added that to the echochrome suit and it was really working then. :p

So I shut off the PS3 at about 6:30 and got online to news-gather. I couldn’t even stay in there the whole time until 8PM. The chair was cutting off my leg’s circulation, so I had to returned to the living room nearly a half hour early.. In primetime, we watched Saving Grace (the third season premiere and our first episode ever.. just because Time Force‘s Erin Cahill is in it this season.. but I didn’t enjoy the show at all, so nm that), Raising The Bar (haha, very good episode this week 🙂 ) and The Listener (it started out alright.. and that’s all I can say because I fell asleep during it for a few hours :p).

And that was about it again.. See ya. I hope.

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[ Parents Barred From Photographing Own Kids ]
[ Video: Chemtrails Outrage Florence, OR Residents ]
[ Artificial Sweeteners Downstream Of Sewage Plants ]
[ NASA Readies To Bomb The Moon ]


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