Sunday 06.14.2009 —

I awoke at around 7AM.. right from a rather strange and frightening dream. But I guess somewhat funny now that I look back on it. My cat was playing with another cat. I turn away from a second and I hear a snap. I turn around quickly to see my cat’s front paws pushing down on the other cat’s head. He had broken the other cat’s neck. I quickly beat his bottom until he got off of the other cat, then felt like I needed to help the cat even though it was most likely too late. I then awoke, breathing faster than usual…

So I got the newspaper and checked its ads for Tuesday (*prepares retroactive price-match* 🙂 ..still no Ratchet & Clank advertised though, damn). And after my dad watched some of his news, I watched two episodes of Bleach (pretty good episodes I guess..), UFO Hunters (Aurora Texas episode.. pretty interesting.. for the parts I managed to stay awake) and Pushing Daisies (the very last episode ever.. and it ends on a somewhat-cliffhanger.. awesome…. damnit).

Next, I set some DVR recordings.. then I gave the TV over to my dad a little while before his NASCAR and got online for a while. Or.. all afternoon. I had wanted to watch more from the bedroom DVR.. or possibly even play something on the PS2 for once (also connected to bedroom TV).. but oh well. Before I knew it, all the time was gone and it was time for supper already..

So once my dad’s news was over, we watched a couple movies — Marley & Me (very good movie, funny.. and then sad.. right on the edge of purchase/not purchase right now, hmm.. eh, maybe when the Blu’s cheap) and Good Dick (a provocative title = more attention.. and that’s how it caught me :p ..and it’s actually a pretty good movie too.. hottie Marianna Palka stars, writes, directs and produces this film, pretty impressive.. and unfortunately there’s no US DVD for me to buy, damn 😦 ). And after those, I returned to my room for the night.

I get a kick out of my local ABC affiliate’s new weather radar system. They’ve dubbed it RPM and there’s a commercial where they state that “RPM is only on RTV6″. And every time I see that ad, I think “yes, that is true”. Heh. But really, they stole the name from Power Rangers. The commercials only just started in the last few weeks or so. :p See ya.

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