Saturday 06.13.2009 — pr rpm 1919 spoiler / Ziggy: “Best. Thing. Ever!”

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1919: “Three’s A Crowd”, Judd Lynn’s first full RPM episode as Executive Producer, will premiere on August 8th. Haha. Another episode title recycle. Let’s hope they catch this one in time too. :p A Power Rangers in Space episode title was almost reused in Mystic Force, but was changed before it aired. And now they’re reusing a Power Rangers Wild Force title. :p

PRRPM Episode 1919 – “Three’s A Crowd” – Gem & Gemma’s “blow things up and ask questions later” motto is getting quite out of hand. They follow a trail they think might lead to the Venjix Palace and end up walking right into a trap. They learn to work together with the other rangers as a team and in turn form a new megazord configuration.

I awoke at 5AM and finished up the previous entry, then watched Best Week Ever (kept falling asleep, so I kept rewinding.. damn). I finally gave in and fell back to sleep for a few hours. I awoke again at about 8:30AM, a little before the time that I had set my alarm for.. I soon watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (good episode.. Jonah Hex’s pistols shooting yellow laser pellets was sorta stupid, but I enjoyed the character.. so there’s a Jonah Hex movie in production, huh? 🙂 and Megan Fox is in it..), Raising The Bar (finally found time for it.. good start) and Iron Man: Armored Adventures (the two-part premiere where each part actually stands pretty well on its own.. and I actually enjoyed this more than I expected to 🙂 ).

After a short wait, it was time for a new episode of Power Rangers RPMepisode 1914: “Embodied”. This was a great episode to return on. Very good episode. A new multi-episode storyline begins when Dillon gets hypnotized and finds a new clue to his past. This sends all the Rangers out of the dome and off to a nearby evacuated city. But Venjix himself stands in their way (oooh).. I got a kick out of the Go-onger reference, and there were some great battles too (besides those annoying Kalishplosions). And I especially like the ending as well. 😉

My dad chose to run the washer throughout the entire episode, so I tried my best to pay attention over the loud noise. He always seems to do it at the worst, probably on purpose. *turns TV volume WAY high in response* ..My dad took off somewhere, so I got online for a bit, then eventually watched The Rocker (not a bad movie.. I guess I liked it.. yum @ Emma Stone). My dad returned home for some of the latter parts, then I watched Mental (not a single word spoken by David Carradine’s character :/ ..but I found it difficult to pay attention, so..) and eventually The International Sexy Ladies Show (no problem with not paying attention here.. I was surprised by how much G4 was able to show at 5:30PM, so my eyes were firmly peeled :p dad fell asleep.. luckily).

I got back online again for a little while. I eventually had some supper.. then headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Ugly Betty (the two-hour finale.. very good episodes, and the ending.. so expected.. well, one of them anyway :p)… Then I got back online again.. and that was pretty much it..

See ya..?

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[ Fluoridation – Case Study ]
[ 1,000s Of Household Metal Products Are Radioactive ]
[ Lilly Marketed Drug It Knew Was A Dud ]
[ Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified ]


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