dvd ads jun 14-20 / home xi concludes / today

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of June 14th to 20th: Best Buy & Target. Family Guy: Volume 7 has its lowest price at Target — just $24.99. Or you can pick up Target’s Deluxe Edition — that is titled “The Big Fat Peter Pack” (giggety) — for $29.99. It includes a poster and an art book or something. I’d almost get it for that title alone though. :p ..Transformers G1: The Complete First Season – 25th Anniversary Edition will be just $16.99.. at Target.. And True Blood: Season 1 gets a lower price already.. at Target.. of just $24.99. Looks like I’m going to have to retroactively price-match it at Best Buy and get some money back next week.. Best Buy’s ad sucks this week, in case you haven’t already noticed. :p

PlayStation Home‘s “Xi” Alternate Reality Game is now complete and “the secret is out“! But if you haven’t experienced the first-ever ARG on a console, you better be quick. All of Xi’s Home spaces will only remain live for a “few weeks” longer. When you complete the game, you’ll no longer be able to visit the original Hub space and instead be redirected to a new Xi Alumni Hub space with a full recap video and something new to accomplish. You’ll also receive three trophies to display in your personal spaces, two of which are leveled based on how many butterflies and fragments you were able to collect over the course of the game.. I still have two butterflies to collect, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to get them (too hard). I’m thinking about just giving in and accepting a silver butterfly trophy rather than a gold one. But I’ll probably wait until closer to the end of these spaces to do that so I can enjoy the original Hub for a bit longer. I’ll really miss The Hub. 😦

After finishing the previous entry, I got on PlayStation Home for a bit.. and was able to follow a friend into the post-finish version of the Hub called Xi Alumni Hub. Yay. I’m unsure about officially finishing Xi with two butterflies still uncollected.. even though I doubt I could actually get them. The Alpha Zone 1.5 one has been especially difficult to achieve. That and finishing Xi means I can no longer access the original version of The Hub. 😦 But I get trophies for my personal space upon finishing.. that no one will ever see since I never get the chance to invite anyone..

I waited for the scheduled Home downtime to kick me off, then I went to sleep. I awoke the next morning and got back on it for a little while. Not a shred of new content this week. And I should know this by now since one Thursday is maintenance and the next is content, and so on.. My dad awoke and thought I must have stayed awake all night.. and I didn’t feel like correcting him. I finally got off Home and got the PC back online for a while.

Eventually, I returned to the living room and downloaded PSN EU’s new VidZone application (streaming music videos! ..that only work in seven European countries.. *sigh* *delete*), then we went out to a few stores for some things (couldn’t believe I went though most of my Game Fuel 20ozs in just 24 hours >_>). Upon returned home, I.. spent some time in PlayStation Home. Fun. Then I went and actually played some more Ratchet & Clank Future. Also fun.

At 6PM, we had some supper, then I got the PC back online and news-gathered.. In primetime, we soon watched Fanboys on DVD.. er, I did. My dad watched the slow beginning and gave up on it too quickly. I ended up liking it. It was a good movie. Some of the road trip things near the start felt a little unbelievable, but I really liked all the surprise cameo appearances. Wasn’t really expecting that many. And the very ending? Priceless. Haha. :p ..After that, we watched The Listener (another pretty good episode, liked it). And.. that was about it.

See ya.

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