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Warner Bros has now issued a press release announcing the September 22nd DVD & Blu-ray release of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete Second Season. Both releases will include all 22 episodes of Season 2 in addition to over four hours of bonus features, while the Blu-ray will feature an extra hour of bonus features.. If the DVD will again be a store-exclusive steelbook like the Season 1 DVD I own, I’ll probably get the DVD. But otherwise, maybe I’ll get the Blu-ray..? ..I’m gonna miss this show. 😦 ..Meanwhile, the feature film Terminator: Salvation is said to be expected in stores on September 22nd as well..

Oh man, I soooo excited for this! One of my favorite movies of all time will finally make its Blu-ray debut. Contact will hit Blu-ray Disc on October 6th with a $28.99 SRP. All special features seem to be from the original DVD release.. This was my first DVD purchase back in the day. Too bad it couldn’t have been my first Blu-ray too. 🙂 Though it’ll also be nice to finally own a copy out of that ugly cardboard snap case.. Warner will also release Sphere onto Blu a month earlier on September 8th..

Summer is just now starting, but that doesn’t stop ABC from already announcing a whole bunch of fall season premiere dates. Castle will return on September 21st, the scifi-ish Flash Forward will open the night for the return of Grey’s Anatomy on September 24th, and Desperate Housewives will follow on September 27th. And in October, Ugly Betty will return with a two-hour season premiere at 8PM ET on Friday October 9th, before resting into its regular 9PM ET timeslot the following week.

I awoke.. and watched some morning TV. Blah. I had some breakfast, then we soon got ready and I headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Best Buy and picked up Get Smart: Season 3 and The Big Bang Theory: Season 1 on DVD. I bet that register girl was a bit annoyed by the time I left. I price-matched both items from the Target ad, $3 off one and $13 off the other. And then I added a $5 Reward Zone certificate on top of that. So $14.25 for Get Smart and $11.73 for Big Bang. 🙂 And she was about to not give me a bag until I asked. They only has these huge T-shirt-sized ones.. but I took one anyway. :p

I picked up an icee (for the first time in a while, missed them) on my way to Target. I was looking for a bigger bag of the Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms, but the guy stocking those shelves hadn’t seen them. 😦 I left there with nothing, then moved on to the grocery store. I was so surprised to see Mountain Dew Game Fuel was back, in the original Red Cherry Citrus and new Blue Wild Fruit (that tastes pretty similar to DEWmocracy’s Mountain Dew Revolution).. so I grabbed a whole bunch of those 20ozs. Heh, I still have a Halo 3 metal bottle unopened in the fridge. :p

We returned home and I soon watched The Mighty Boosh (lol, I really like the music in this show too), Greek (another pretty good episode.. though that prank was priceless) and Pushing Daisies (the first of the three previously-unaired episodes.. I liked it, surprisingly.. though I still say Season 2 hasn’t been as good as Season 1). And then I got onto PlayStation Home. For many hours. I finished up the Xi thing for the day, then hung out in Central Plaza for the most part. It was fun fooling some (fellow) pervs with my Cammy costume. :p

I finally shut it off right at 8PM. And that was when my dad woke up from his lengthy nap too. I got online for a bit, then we had some late supper. We then watched Prison Break: The Final Break, a great two-episode “movie” that aired overseas and will make its US DVD debut next month. This takes place in that “Four Years Later” gap from the TV series finale and shows us what we missed. And unlike most of the fourth season, I actually enjoyed it. It was a very nice sendoff for the series that actually managed to recapture what I liked so much about Season 1. And so now I’m actually thinking about getting it on DVD next month.. even though I still don’t have Seasons 3 & 4 on disc yet. :p

And so that was about it for the night.. except for news-gathering, of course. Couldn’t forget that.. See ya.

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