spectacular spider-man season 2 premiere / today

Disney XD has finally issued an official press release announcing the long-awaited-by-the-fans-but-probably-not-Disney-XD Season Two Premiere of The Spectacular Spider-Man. The first two episodes will open the network’s “night of premieres” on Monday June 22nd at 7PM ET. A new Aaron Stone will close the evening at 9PM ET. And yet the press release keeps Spidey as the last mention in both the opening lines and the first paragraph. And on top of that, Disney XD hasn’t even begun airing promos specifically promoting the new episodes. However, Sony sounds like they’re happy since The Spectacular Spider-Man received a recent jump in ratings with Disney XD’s airing of the Season 1 finale and a marathon. Disney XD outbid the other networks for this show and now they’re promoting it like crap. Perhaps they just didn’t want to see it thrive on another network, since they own two previous animated Spidey series..? Whatever.. Cannot wait to see Season 2. 🙂 And there better be a Season 3, Disney…

I awoke, got online for a bit.. and soon played Ratchet & Clank Future for a few hours. Fun. My dad eventually returned home from dialysis and I let him watch some Price Is Right and the news. But after they were both over, I got onto PlayStation Home for a while (it took a while as well as help from a map but I beat the Ghost Maze in Xi.. now I’m all caught up on fragments again.. one more to go.. still have two butterflies missing though).

Next, I watched Legend Of The Seeker (the season finale.. wow, very good episode.. and it featured PR RPM‘s Yellow Ranger Rose McIver.. that’s like the fourth PR alum on this show now, haha.. I look forward to seeing what they can come up with for next season).. then returned to Ratchet & Clank Future. More fun. I just couldn’t decide what TV show or movie to watch, so.. yeah.. At 6PM, I shut it off and got online to news-gather. No supper.

In primetime, we watched Harper’s Island (the latest episode.. pretty good) and the last two episodes of Medium (the penultimate episode was pretty good.. but OMG, that finale! that was great television.. if the series had ended like that, I would have been SO pissed off at NBC.. but CBS picked it up and will air it after Ghost Whisperer in the fall.. lol).

That’s all,.. the complete strangers that read this.. See ya.

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