Sunday 06.07.2009 —

I awoke.. and eventually checked out the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Then I watched two episodes of Bleach (eh, it was alright), the final episode of Code Geass (oh, only 25 episodes in Season 2.. forgot somehow.. awesome finale though, wow.. now bring on the rest of the DVDs so I can watch it all again :p), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (a lost episode! ..on my DVR.. recorded about a month ago and forgotten, until I noticed it yesterday :p), Legend of the Seeker (good episode.. and now only one episode remains..) and Worst Week (another lost episode! the now-series finale that CBS randomly decided to air last night.. a nice close to the season.. and now series 😦 ).

After all that, it was nearing time for my dad NASCAR race. So I got online for a while.. and wasted the whole day away online. I checked some sites, CBRed more of the Heroes graphic novel and then began catching up on reading it again.. and then some more sites. We eventually had some supper… and more sites.

But in primetime, I saw my dad could find anything to watch by himself was was stooping to animation (he doesn’t like most animated TV and movies). And so we watched Flashpoint (season finale! good episode.. pleeease bring it back, CBS) followed by two episodes of Medium (two down, two to go.. good episodes too.. my dad wasn’t liking the more-comedic body switch episode with Jeffery Tambor for whatever reason, but I really enjoyed it 🙂 ).

Man, the first link below (the video) is something else. Some of what’s shown is kinda silly. But some of the 9/11 predictions pointed out scared me a little.. See ya.

[ Video: How The Illuminati Run Hollywood – Illuminati Symbolism In Movies ]
[ Loss Of Second Amendment Closer Than You Think ]
[ Bomb? – Top People Fighting Illegal Arms Trade On AF 447 ]
[ The Economy Is Still At The Brink ]
[ Global Financial Power Shifting To China ]
[ Economic Collapse, Time To Run? ]
[ Obamanomics – How Dumb Do They Think We Are? ]
[ Israel – Zero Policy Change After Obama Speech ]
[ Stop Obama’s Primary School Queering ]
[ Newsweek – Obama Is ‘Sort Of God’ ]
[ Schwarzenegger Betrays Citizens, Praises Illegal Aliens ]
[ Flu Concerns – Chinese Quarantine New Orleans Mayor After Flight ]
[ US Soldiers In Germany Infected With Swine Flu ]
[ What Happens When H5N1 Bird Flu & H3N2 Cross? ]
[ TN Burger King Defends ‘Global Warming Is Baloney’ Sign ]
[ Carradine Death Mystery – Manager Says Foul Play ]
[ Carradine Killed By Asian Secret Societies? ]
[ 12 Yr Old Kids Get Credit Cards For Condoms ]
[ Hypnotize Your Patients, Surgeons Told ]
[ Dr. Ilya Perlingieri – Unanswered Chemtrail Questions… As Evidence Mounts ]
[ Chinese Made Radioactive Cheese Grater Found In MI ]


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