Saturday 06.06.2009 — pr rpm 1918 spoiler & pr rpm vol 2 dvd / dvd ads jun 7-13

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1918: “Belly Of The Beast” will premiere on August 1st.. and is Eddie Guzelian’s last episode executive producing. 😦

PRPRM Episode 1918 – “Belly Of The Beast” – The rangers must return to the factory and destroy the Venjix Doomsday Bot that is being built. Dillon attempts to find his sister before it’s too late. Dr. K sends Gem & Gemma on a secret mission to reprogram the Doom Bot enabling it to fuse with the ranger zords and create a new megazord formation.

Also, a Power Rangers RPM, Volume 2 – Race To Corinth DVD has already showed up for pre-order on Amazon. It is set for release on September 8th, almost exactly two months after the release of Volume 1 on July 7th. This is encouraging, since they never revealed following volume(s) before the first volumes’ release with last season. Perhaps they’ve read all these positive reviews coming from the fans and are a bit more confident in good DVD sales this time around. I know I’m definitely picking these up on release date. πŸ™‚

Better.. really late than never..? Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of June 7th to 13th: Best Buy & Target. What better way to encourage a transition to Blu than to have a new release DVD’s first week sale price jacked up in order to close in on its Blu-ray price..? Nah. I don’t get it either. Both stores will have the Fired Up!: Unrated DVD for $19.99 (ack) while the Blu-ray will go for $26.99 at Best Buy. I was considering The International (and why not? it’s about a banking system that controls the world), but I might as well wait until the Blu-ray goes on sale. I’ll probably only get Get Smart: Season 3 at Target’s $16.99 as well as The Big Bang Theory: Season 1 for Target’s $13.99. I wonder if Big Bang is a part of Best Buy’s big $12.99 TV on DVD sale though. Some are listed at the link (none I’m interested in or don’t already have), but others will be found on their website by Sunday.. Also of note is $29.99 for Reaper: Season 2 at Best Buy.

I awoke to my alarm at 8AM, then watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (good episode), The Soup (lol), Best Week Ever (haha) and the last four episodes of True Blood: Season 1 (I was watching two today.. but with my dad sick, not wanting to go anywhere and just staying in bed.. I fit in the other two episodes too.. great finale especially, ready for the season premiere on June 14th now πŸ™‚ ).

And then my dad finally felt like going out soon after I finished these episodes. We went to grocery store and a couple other stores (Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms! lol yum) then returned home. My dad found Colts training camp coverage on TV, so he watched that. Then I got bored of that rather quickly, returned to my room and got online for a while.

But eventually, we had some supper.. and I went to the bedroom DVR and watched another Ugly Betty (another pretty good episode.. only the two-hour finale left now) and two more episodes of Supernatural (including the season finale.. the one before it, eh.. but the finale.. wow, interesting to say the least). Then I got back online and that was about it again.

See ya.

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