get smart s4 dvd / today

Get Smart: Season 3 will see retail DVD release this coming Tuesday, June 9th. But already, Get Smart: Season 4, the next-to-last season, has been set for retail release on September 8th. All five seasons have been available for for a couple years now via Time-Life at much higher prices. These retail releases do not include those Time-Life releases’ bonus features discs however. :/

I awoke in the morning, got online.. and finished up the previous entry. My dad watched some boring morning TV, but then he left on some errands. I once again took this chance to get on PlayStation Home again. At first, I couldn’t connect. Apparently, it went back offline briefly in order to remove a defective BUZZ! space that was due to open today. And then the inFamous Cole costume wouldn’t unlock due to the demo not writing an XML file to the PS3 correctly. Then while I was purchasing some of the cool new stuff, the Home Mall kept freezing on me.

I eventually bought some of the new Street Fighter IV clothes (Vega’s mask and metal claw on my inFamous Reaper costume? wow), the male Ghostbusters costume (yup, dress up like a Ghostbuster for just $2) and.. the first picture frame that’s a bit overpriced. For $3, you can place picture frames in your personal space with images from your PS3 HDD. Heheh. They probably had to pay off somebody due to copyright issues in order to get them back in (the same frame was briefly in Closed Beta.. for free) and they’re passing that onto us. The other Home regions don’t have them yet due to said copyright issues. There’s only so many designated places you can put up a picture though. The basic space only has four, but that limited-time Chamber Apartment has TWELVE spaces for frames. And I filled them all. :p Glad I put in $10 rather the usual $5.. because I wasted most of it away on these virtual items already. :p

I spent hours and hours in Home (mostly redecorating, showing off my new clothes and getting the free stuff in the UK — a Transformers 2 shirt, nice). At about 3PM, I finally shut it off and watched two more episodes of True Blood: Season 1 (I enjoyed these episodes more 🙂 ..maybe I’ll try to fit in more tomorrow).. before returning to PlayStation Home for another hour. Now that E3 is over, and with it the free hidden limited-time t-shirt codes, I’ll probably spend a little less time in Home for a while… maybe..

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched CSI (the season finale, pretty good one.. the ending was neat) and The Listener (NBC’s two-hour, two-episode premiere.. not bad, I suppose.. probably would’ve been better separately.. got a bit tired of it by the end). And that was about it.. See ya.

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