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Warner Bros has officially announced the August 28th DVD & Blu-ray release of Smallville: The Complete Eighth Season. All 22 episodes will be present on 6 DVDs for a $59.98 SRP or 4 BDs for a $79.98 SRP. Special features are set to include audio commentaries, unaired scenes and a couple featurettes.. I didn’t really like this season as much as the past ones. With the original series creators gone, the series now has a more.. grittier.. dirtier feel to it. Makes me feel a bit dirty watching it. But I’ll probably still pick this up to further complete my collection anyway.. Oand The Dub will also release Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD & Blu the following week (September 1st). If it had kept the quality of the first few seasons, I probably would have started buying this show on DVD by now too. But.. oh well..

I got Home late again.. then fell asleep. My dad woke me up at about 4AM, then I soon shut everything down. I awoke a few hours later to find my dad had returned to bed, so I got back on PlayStation Home for a little while. My dad woke up a few hours later and I soon shut it off again so he could see some of his morning TV.. reruns. But eventually, we headed out to the bank.. and to check out Best Buy..

I didn’t really expect to buy anything today. I suck.. First, we headed to the bank to do the usual withdrawal for the cable bill.. then I went to Best Buy. I was mainly only there to check out Ratchet & Clank. But then I got worried about the game going out of stock as soon as the price drop happened, so I decided to buy at full price and then price-match later. And then there was a great sale on Blu-rays. It seems to be going all month (according to that in-store magazine) and includes titles for just $9.99 up to $19.99. The Punisher claimed $12.99 on the shelf, but was only $9.99 at register. It sucks that it contains no special features, so I guess I must keep my two DVD versions for that and the director’s cut. Ugh.

The Pink Panther (2006) was just $14.99 and includes an expired Movie Money to the sequel. :p I liked the movie when I Netflixed it though, so I wanted to eventually pick it up. Still not sure about the sequel’s release later this month though. Looks like they may have kidified it too much.. I moved on to Target… and picked up Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Blu-ray.. for the regular price of $29.99. Ugh. I got really worried about not being able to have a copy with the lenticular slipcover. They’re all gone at Best Buy and this single copy with slipcover at Target was hidden by me weeks ago. Heh. Now I have two unwatched versions — the Target exclusive DVD (just a bonus comic.. the Blu-ray had it too, but the slipcover sucked) and now this basic Blu-ray. They better not include the movie with the Season 1 Blu-ray later this year. :/

We got some lunch from Taco Bell, then returned home. I soon watched last night’s episodes of The Whitest Kids U’Know (lol), followed by a single episode of True Blood: Season 1 (another pathetic move, I know.. gotta get this season over with). Then I got on PlayStation Home for a little while (more free shirts.. that all look the same!), then started playing Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.. for what became hours. I enjoyed it.. but I can’t help but feel that I might have grown out of these games since I played the PS2 games. Or perhaps my expectations were just too high.

My dad tried his best to lower my mood, coming into the living room all depressed over.. not having enough money to pay the bills this month.. *sigh* Again, I really suck.. My dad went for a nap. And I got back on PlayStation Home for about an hour for so, then got online to news-gather and inventory the new discs..

In primetime, we watched Wipeout (they’ve made it more silly.. and easier for people to.. wipeout.. that’s stupid), Harper’s Island (ooh, getting good now.. took ’em long enough) and The Unusuals (haha, Rear Window.. nice..

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