no news again.. lazy perhaps? / today

I awoke a little before 8AM and got online to finish up the previous entry. Sometimes, I just put off to finish it until the very end.. then I fall asleep before I finish it. :/ Once finished online, I had to suffer through some morning TV.. but then my dad tricked me into going out on some errands with him in order to get some free groceries. Eh, free is free..

We returned home and watched Price Is Right (blah), but my dad soon gave up and I took over the TV. I got on PlayStation Home for quite a while (my inFamous Reaper costume code came in, woohoo.. then I got some free shirts too), only taking a break to watch just about all of the Sony PlayStation E3 Press Conference on G4 (some very good-looking games coming up.. but very few I see myself actually purchasing.. like one or two).. then returned to PlayStation Home to waste the rest of the afternoon. Heh. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, we watched the final two episodes of According To Jim (yup, ABC touted the latter episode as the series finale… about time, I suppose.. it did seem rather like a wrap-up kind of episode, and they brought back a couple of cast members too..) and Mental (I’m sensing more of a “House clone” vibe in this episode than the pilot episode last week.. hm :/). I would’ve watched something else after that, but opted to get things covered online instead.. so I could get back on Home earlier.. I didn’t expect to get done this early though. :p

See ya.

[ Fears N Korea Readying To Attack S Korea ]
[ US To Sell Bunker Busters To S Korea ]
[ Mysterious ‘Chip’ Latest CIA Weapon In Pakistan ]
[ Economic Recovery Is Wishful Thinking ]
[ California Will Run Out Of Cash In 14 Days ]
[ GM Bailout Only Delays The Inevitable Crash ]
[ GM To Sell Hummer To Chinese ]
[ Commodities And Oil Soar As Dollar Pounded ]
[ US Calls For Bigger China Voice In World Economy ]
[ DMV Employees Sell Drivers Licenses To Illegal Aliens
[ Earth Losing Atmosphere Faster Than Mars ]
[ Meteorites May Have Made Earth More Habitable ]


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