no news / today

I awoke in the morning and got online pretty much right away. Then I got on PlayStation Home in order to solve the day’s Xi thing), then played more inFamous. My dad returned home from dialysis and I let him watch some Price Is Right. But he wasn’t feeling too good so that didn’t last too long before he went to bed.

I took over the TV again and played some more inFamous (okay, so I’ve completely virtually everything on the first island.. and now I’m stuck on the “boss battle” in order to get to the second island 😦 ), then I watched the first three episodes of True Blood: Season 1 (hm, not enjoying them as much this second time around.. 😦 ..or maybe because I forced myself to start it and get it over with this week).. then checked out inFamous some more (*fails at boss battle multiple times* *gives up for now and searches for more items* :/ ).

During that, I had a difficult time staying awake. My dad awoke eventually and I shut off the PS3. Then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, I mainly watched Castle (getting better..), CSI (not bad) and two more episodes of Harper’s Island (eh, it’s alright.. getting slightly better I guess). And.. that was about it.. See ya.

[ The Bilderberg Group & What They May Be Planning ]

[ Kidd – Boots On The Ground, County By County ]
[ Makow – The New Paradigm ]
[ The Massive Profits Of Disease, Sickness And Death ]
[ Gen Sanchez Wants War Crimes Truth Commission ]
[ N Korea Prepares To Fire Long Range Missile ]
[ US Govt Takes 60% Of GM In Chapter 11 Bond Deal ]
[ Swine H1N1 Summer Spread Raises Pandemic Concerns ]
[ Connecticut Now Over 200 A-H1N1 Cases ]
[ Oz Swine Flu Cases Break 300 Mark ]
[ Technology’s Limits Show In Missing Air France Jet ]
[ CO2 Levels May Cause Underwater Catastrophe? ]
[ The Truth About NASA’s UFO Videos ]


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