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So remember that Power Rangers Cast Reunion that’s occurring at Anime Expo 09 on July 2nd-5th 2009? If not, Karan Ashley (MMPR Yellow Ranger), Steve Cardenas (MMPR Red Ranger), Walter Jones (MMPR Black Ranger), Catherine Sutherland (MMPR Pink Ranger), Johnny Yong Bosch (MMPR Black Ranger) and Robert Axelrod (MMPR‘s Lord Zedd) are all set to appear in a panel as well as at a booth. And now this reunion has just gotten a lot more epic. In addition to these, ELEVEN more cast members will now appear during the convention. This includes Barbara Goodson (MMPR‘s Rita Repulsa – Fri., Sat. & Sun.), Nakia Burrise (Turbo Yellow Ranger – Fri, Sat. & Sun.), Blake Foster (Turbo Blue Ranger – Fri, Sat. & Sun.), Patricia Ja Lee (Turbo & Space Pink Ranger – Sat. & Sun.), Dan Southworth (Time Force Quantum Ranger – Sat. & Sun.) and Cerina Vincent (Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger – Thurs. only). Whoa. This just makes me feel SOOO much better about not being able to go.. :p

It’s officially the final day of the network upfront presentations and The CW has now announced their 2009-2010 TV schedule. Gossip Girl is sticking to Monday 8PM ET, 90210 is sticking to Tuesdays 8PM ET (followed by the new Melrose Place at 9PM).. and Smallville will move to Friday nights at 8PM ET while the new drama The Vampire Diaries will take over opening for Supernatural on Thursday. Interesting…

In other upfront-related news, FOX will return ‘Til Death for a summer run on Sunday July 5th at 7PM ET.. probably because they’re sooo ahead on their production schedule.. More importantly, FOX has already set return dates for some of its most popular series. House & Lie To Me are now set to begin their new seasons on Monday September 21st. And a few days earlier, on Thursday September 17th, Bones & Fringe will both return for their new seasons. Cool..

Expect yet another video disc release of Watchmen in July. Watchmen: The End is Nigh – The Complete Experience will be released around the same time at the movie DVDs & Blu-ray (on July 21st). It will feature both parts of the PlayStation Network & XBOX Live downloadable game title on a Blu-ray Disc (for playing on a PlayStation 3), as well as a Blu-ray featuring the Watchmen: Director’s Cut feature film. Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 is also expected to be released as a PSN & XBL download at about the same time too..

I finished up the previous entry pretty late last night. About 2:30AM methinks. After that was done, I got the PS3 online again and checked out PlayStation Home for the last thirty minutes or so before it went offline for updates.. I fell asleep for a few hours, then awoke.. and returned to PlayStation Home again. In fact.. I ended up stayed on it.. all day. I bought some new virtual clothes, I checked out the new spaces.. My dad woke up a bit after I did and he just went out to some places a few times. I had a place to go too.. but.. ran out of time..

And of course, there had to be some bullshit coming my way. First, I screwed up my PS3 keypad somehow. It was as if it was frozen or locked or something. I got quite depressed and angry about this after how helpful it had been in the last 24 hours or so of ownership. I had felt more connected.. to Home. Being able to type faster like most others I meet.. I mean.. During this time of depression, I threw aside the keypad’s instructions.. and then my dad threw it out with old newspapers that it had rather conveniently landed on. I got quite pissed about this, then had to go outside and fish the damn thing out of the newly-emptied dumpster.

And while in Japan Home during the afternoon (Irem’s new fishing game is coool), I had found a small hole in back and shoved a toothpick in there.. and then all was well again.. for now.. I finally shut off Home at about 5PM and watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (lol), then waited as the PS3 downloaded the InFamous demo (my copy’s days from being shipped.. but I gotta try it out anyway) as my dad finally saw his news (our local ABC affiliate has half-hour local news at 5PM, 6PM & 7PM.. neat idea really). And then I finally got online to news-gather.

In primetime, I turned the PS3 yet again and we watched “new” episodes of Flashpoint (I really like these bullied-kid-shoots-up-school stories.. especially when there’s a teenage hottie in the mix.. good episode too), Free Radio (rofl @ opening scene), Medium (Part 3, nice.. two more to go) and CSI (found it difficult to keep my attention of this one though..).

And after that, I returned to my room for the night.. and heard about the free InFamous Cole costume for your PlayStation Home avatar just for downloading today’s InFamous demo.. that apparently no one is getting. 😦 Plus, bwahahahaa.. See ya. *races back to PS3*

[ Makow – USSR… Illuminati Experiment Was ‘Catastrophe’ ]
[ Russia Dumps US Dollar As Basic Reserve Currency ]
[ No Future For Cashless Society ]
[ GM Dealership To Fight Back – ‘We Aren’t Closing’ ]
[ Obama Birth Certificate Billboard Mania Continues ]
[ Iran Missile Test Playing With Fire Warns Israel ]
[ Four Useful Idiots Nabbed In Alleged NY Terror Plot ]
[ Families Of 7/7 Victims Fear They’ll Never Learn Truth ]
[ German Firm Spied On Job Applicants’ Sex Lives ]
[ Overpopulation – 60% In US Breathe Toxic Air ]
[ NCI Study Links Aspartame To Leukemia & Lymphoma ]
[ US Enviro Medicine Wants Moratorium On ALL GM Food ]
[ Reusable BPA-Free Water Bottles Launched ]


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