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FuryDiamond has posted a message to his RangerCrew forum from one of his “sources”.. that may or may not be fired Power Rangers RPM executive producer Eddie Guzelian.. that mentions how Eddie Guzelian’s work during the first eighteen episodes is being altered to be more like the craptacular Disney seasons of yore. “Judd Chip Lynn and Koichi Sakamato in particular have been going back and cutting out full drama scenes with actors to replace it with more slow motion explosions, fighting, and lame foot on the gas shots. They have been done…get a clue! People loved the first 3 episodes because they had story / character moments. Blitz was an amazing episode at start and end, but the middle was over run with crap that Koichi put in because he gets kick backs from toy companies the more the morphed Ranger suits are on screen. Eg. go back to Doctor K ep and watch when Gem and Gemma hand her the birthday pencil. You see maybe 2 colors when she looks at it. What was written was that the pencil is actually 5 colors as she rotates it to see green, yellow, blue, red and black. A beautiful moment cut short so that more cheese could be screened to sell toys.” A shame. 😦 Bastards..

It’s the first day of the network upfront presentations and Fox has announced their 2009-2010 TV schedule. Click here to check out trailers for the new series. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the major omission from their schedule. And to tell you the truth, I’d almost prefer Terminator over Dollhouse, which has been picked up. 😦 Though I do admit Terminator slumped a little there plotwise in the middle of the season.. Dollhouse will remain at its current Friday timeslot and be joined by a couple sitcoms at 8PM & 8:30PM ET ( :/ ). Fringe will now join Bones on the Thursday night schedule.. opposite CSI and Grey’s Anatomy (*coughhomicidecough*). House & Lie To Me are on the Monday night schedule, with the latter being replaced by Day 8 of 24 in midseason. The comic-inspired Human Target will also join the Wednesday line-up at midseason.. and looks like it wouldn’t stay there all that long.. Seth MacFarlane’s ruthless domination of Sunday night continues with the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show taking the 8:30PM ET timeslot right after Simpsons. :/ And arriving to fill the Saturday late-night spot vacated by MadTV will be The Wanda Sykes Show..

Also, here’s some additional upfront presentation news bits… ABC has canceled Samantha Who; CBS has renewed Rules of Engagement (why?!?!); both Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries have been picked up by The CW; ABC has canceled The Unusuals (booo!! ..but at least the remaining episodes begin May 27th); and –best for last– NBC has renewed Chuck (hooray!!! 🙂 ).

Okay, so I was wrong.. for the 2395645685725th time.. On July 28th (the magical San Diego Comic-Con DVD release date, it seems), Sony Pictures will release The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete First Season onto DVD. The 2-Disc Collector’s Set will include all thirteen episodes of the hit show’s first season, as well as two new behind-the-scenes featurettes — “Spider-Man: Re-Animated” & “Stylizing Spidey”. And like the previous DVD volumes, the episodes will again be presented in anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. All this for a $25.95 SRP.. Damn, I was getting ready to finally watch all my volumes together.. and now I’ll probably wait for this and never watch them at all. Haha. I wonder if that theme song music video from the Volume 1 DVD will be on this set though.. Meanwhile, Disney XD will debut the second season of The Spectacular Spider-Man on June 22nd, with two back-to-back premiere episodes. 🙂

PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX has revealed that v1.21 of Home will likely arrive this coming Thursday, but that picture frames still will not be available right away. 😦 She also hints that “it’s a good idea to hang out in Home during E3”, as if something special’s going to happen then. Some have also speculated that the resolution of Home‘s ARG “Xi” will also occur around the time of E3…

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched The Mighty Boosh (haha) and The Simpsons (lol), then got on PlayStation Home for a little while (mainly doing the Xi puzzle.. and perfecting my female avatar for maximum skin possible at this time >_>). My dad returned home from dialysis and.. he eventually headed off to bed for a nap.

In the afternoon, I watched the first four episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (Season 3 DVD is only weeks away, so I better get this watched :p, good episode.. especially Siegfried, been waiting for him). I played some Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Fury (*posts two more YouTube videos* ninja tossing! lol ..wish I could make videos in other games like this), then watched Family Guy (lol.. ugh @ Cleveland Show teaser during closing credits) and American Dad (lol)… And then I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while..

My dad eventually woke up from his nap soon after I shut off the PS3 at about 7PM. I got online to news-gather.. and ran out of time, so I had to do the rest post-primetime.. In primetime, we watched Rules of Engagement (extra new episode.. haha), How I Met Your Mother (very good finale, better than a lot of episodes this season really), Two & A Half Men (rofl, near-endless laughs in this one.. well, during the hospital scenes anyway), Rules of Engagement (haha again, a bit better than the other one though) and CSI Miami (another really good finale.. yay 4 pseudo-cliffhanger endings like this one). And.. that was about it..

See ya.

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