Sunday 05.17.2009 —

I stayed up late again last night. And didn’t really mean to. And I also got on PlayStation Home.. before nodding off to sleep. It’s why I rarely do that at night anymore.. I awoke the next morning to my alarm, had some breakfast, then soon watched two episodes of Bleach (very good episodes, haha) and two episodes of Code Geass (great episodes.. finally broke down and bought the Part 3 DVD from Amazon too, due to the extra funds.. a release date for Season 2 Part 1 has now been set too, yay).

Next, I followed that with Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy on Blu-ray (I probably laughed about three times during this hour.. and fact that the video was letterboxed and pillarboxed surely didn’t help my viewing experience.. should’ve at least gotten the slightly cheaper DVD instead), another Roommates (haha), Friday’s Party Down (lol.. didn’t like the abrupt cast change.. and.. Jennifer Coolidge? argh), another Underbelly (I got about halfway through.. then finally gave up on this show and removed all remaining episodes from my PS3), Tuesday’s Reaper (good episode.. my DVR didn’t record this, so I had to download.. now I got it out of the way so I can watch it live next week 🙂 ).. and the remaining four episodes of Roommates (one series down anyway.. too bad they canceled this one already, it wasn’t that bad 😦 ).

After all that, I played Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fist of Fury for a bit and got another trophy. Yay.. And then I got online for a while. Before I knew it, I was already out of time to watch anything on the bedroom DVR today. Damnit. So many things, so little time.. We had some supper, then.. my dad mainly watched the 2-hour Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (someone from Indiana, so he MUST watch) while I kept getting online. But then we watched the 2-hour season finale of Desperate Housewives. Great finale. Lots of stuff going on, particularly the main plot that took over for most of the second episode. Plus the teenage slut (played by Maiara Walsh) was pretty hot. Must see much more of her next season. 😉

And.. that was about it? ..I really wish there were a way to create an RSS feed of PS3 trophies so I can add that to FriendFeed as well. You’d think with sites like Playfire being able to access trophy information to create trophycards, someone could’ve figured that out by now as well…? Eh, whatever.. See ya.

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