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[Current Music Download|Tiga – (Far From) Home @ MediaFire] now has their pre-order listing online for the June 15th German DVD release of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Season. When announced the date on their site, they said there was “good news” and “bad news”.. yet only seemed to reveal the good news — the release date. I wonder if an even more incomplete English audio awaits.. or will it not be there at all? And if so, will Foreign Media wait for the fans to have the DVDs in their hands and see it for themselves, like with the incomplete English audio on Power Rangers in Space..? This pre-order listing doesn’t yet mention the languages present on the DVD.. :/

Starting today (Thursday) and throughout the following week, you’ll be able to get the “Chamber Apartment” personal space FREE in PlayStation Home. “This interactive space comes complete with fire pits, waterfalls and a giant tree that’s more alive than you might expect.” But after this week it’ll be gone forever, so I’d hurry if I were you. :p ..There’s also a cool new PlayStation Home trailer on the PlayStation Blog. And if you watch the trailer closely, you can get your virtual hands on another Home freebie. 🙂 ..Now give us those hamster suits already! lol. :p

I awoke in the morning.. got online for a bit.. then took over the TV and got on PlayStation Home again. The new free space (mentioned above) is real nice. And there was actually nothing new in Xi. Damn. New PS3 firmware update too.. that ensures 50% more reboots upon closing Home. Hooray! Seemed that way today anyway.. My dad eventually woke up and I let him watch Ellen, then I followed that with Reno 911 (rofl, was surprised by the special guest star.. great skit too :p) and The Whitest Kids U Know (lol).

I then returned to PlayStation Home for a while. I glitched the new personal space some (couch on the roof.. even though it seems they tried to stop that this time, haha.. success!), then got that secondary freebie (also mentioned above). I also watched the first two chapters of Watchmen: The Motion Comic on Blu-ray. About time I watched this. And didn’t enjoy it as much as expected, probably because I already saw most of this story on the big screen. The moments that featured Rorschach were awesome.. but otherwise.. I’ll still keep watching though. Hopefully, I can fit in more than two chapters tomorrow..

I then got a couple new items from the PlayStation Store. Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic.. a game that other people paid for in the past is now free? Score! I also downloaded and played the Zen Pinball Demo (wow, lots of online features.. in the full game, that is.. impressive).. My dad awoke from his long nap, so I eventually shut off the PS3. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, we watched the Smallville season finale (pretty good finale.. but why allude to a Jimmy Olsen II? Why not keep him dead, they’ve already ruined it with Lex’s death, so why not? Plus Lois is now becoming the new Supergirl or something by traveling to the 30th century.. looking forward to not seeing a mere second of that place next season.. nice touch burying Doomsday, I wondered how he got there :p ..And the Watchtower really reminded me of Birds of Prey..).. followed by the Grey’s Anatomy 2-hour season finale (the second half was definitely better.. all the last-minute stuff, wow.. then the predictable cliffhanger ending..).

And that was it. Bubye… Er, see ya.

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