no news / today

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while.. then took over the TV while my dad slept and got onto PlayStation Home. When my dad complained, he watched his Ellen and news while I got back online on the PC.. But after that, I returned to PlayStation Home again. My dad eventually went to bed to sleep again, then I watched Underbelly (not bad.. damnit, fell asleep again), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (almost missed this one.. and it wasn’t that bad, so i would’ve been a shame), another Legend of the Seeker (S01E18.. the comedic moments really felt deju-vu-esque to me.. from Disney’s Power Rangers that is.. which isn’t completely crazy really, just because Disney films this in New Zealand as well with some of the same crew :p) and Greek (another pretty good episode).

After all that.. I got on PlayStation Home again. I still can’t anything out of the Siren space. Grrr. Then I fared horribly actually talking to people. It’s one of the main features of Home, but I don’t do it all that often. And soon, I won’t have the “no keyboard” excuse.. if the damn funds actually come in anyway. Damnit. I’m looking to get the overpriced PS3 keypad.. At 7PM, we had supper.. then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Rules of Engagement (hahaha) and Old Christine (lol). Then my dad’s inability to understand Lost got him to.. briefly.. sleep.. while I watched the two-hour season finale of Lost. Great episodes. wow @ that ending and the Locke/Jacob stuff. The thunderstorm took out our power for a few seconds, so I missed a few minutes of it early on. 😦 And then my dad woke up and kept making loud noises that disrupted my viewing experience..

And then that was about it.. Except for my first lyrics post in quite a while.. because let’s face it: most of my original poetry back in the day just sucked.. That and it’s a good song.. See ya.

[ Fewer Than 33% Americans Would Take Flu Jab ]
[ Video: Alan Park – Swine Flu For Dummies ]
[ Nokia To Put RFID Chips In Cell Phones ]
[ America Threatens Trade War With China ]
[ Smoking Gun Witness Against Bush Found ‘Suicided’ ]
[ Freed US Journalist Saberi ‘Had Secret Document’ ]
[ Stock Optimists Should Read Of Great Depression ]
[ Relaxing After Bank Stress Tests? You Shouldn’t ]
[ Video: Who’s Overseeing The Fed? – No One! ]
[ Medicare Fund Broke By 2017 ]
[ Obama Flip Flops And ACLU Not Happy ]


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