prlg german dvd / krdk titles 16-26 / today reports that the German bilingual DVD release of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Season is currently set for June 12th 2009. But with all the release date delays these DVDs have gotten, I’m not going to hold my breath for that date. :p Looking forward to it though..

The next ten episode titles of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight have been revealed reportedly by Steve Wang himself. Though it has yet to be confirmed officially, Dragon Knight is due to return with the first of these episodes (16) on August 1st. 🙂

So I awoke in the morning and got online for a while.. and it ended up becoming all morning. I finished up the previous entry, had some breakfast, checked out some sites.. and finally updated my Firefox from 2 to 3. Hmm, not bad. 🙂 And due to that, I was able to install TwitterFox too.. It was nearly 12:30PM when I finally finished up everything.. Then I had to wait for my dad’s damn mail. Gr.

But once it did arrive, we took off. I went to the library and printed up that free X-Men Origins: Wolverine ticket, then checked out Target only to add funds to my cell phone (though their Cherry Orange icee was pretty good), then headed to the grocery store.. again. I missed something the other day, so yeah..

After all that, we finally returned home.. and I got on PlayStation Home for a few hours. :p We had some supper next, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Scrubs (guess this series won’t get a good ending after all..), Better Off Ted (the fake season finale!, a bit better than usual), Fringe (another very good episode. looking forward to next week’s finale).. and House (nice).

As you probably tell, my heart just wasn’t in this entry today. Same old stuff.. everyday.. Bleh.. That and I ended up writing most of this entry late in the evening while I was fighting off sleep.. See ya.

[ ‘Money Industry’ Bought Control Of US For $5.2 Billion ]
[ Without Free Speech, Democracy Is Dead ]
[ Security Vs Liberty ]
[ Pilots – We Refuse To Be ID Card Guinea Pigs ]
[ WHO Confirms 1124 Bird Flu Cases In 21 Countries ]
[ A/H1N1 No Worse Than A Normal Cold ]
[ US Officials Start To Ease A/H1N1 Public Alerts ]
[ Antivirals Sales Boom In A/H1N1 Panic ]
[ Ruthless Employers Love Recession ]
[ Chinese Told To Smoke More To Boost Economy ]
[ Scholar Goes Online To Differ With Obama ]
[ Rising Reserves Of Unused Oil Strain Storage ]
[ Gates Funding Unconventional Health Research ]
[ Van Gogh’s Ear Cut-Off By Someone Else ]


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