Saturday 05.02.2009 — pr rpm 14 title / “They look like eyes.” “Big googly anime eyes.”

KyL416 has revealed the next new episode of Power Rangers RPM. After just two weeks of reruns on May 30th and June 6th, RPM will return with episode 1914: “Embodied” on June 13th. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and soon watched Best Week Ever (haha), Free Radio (lol), 24 (not bad) and Transformers Animated (soo glad this series is just about over.. especially after seeing the new Transformers 2 trailer). My dad took off to one place or another during all that.. I guess..

Anyway.. Eventually, it was time for Power Rangers RPM. I VHSed last week’s episode for the first time and kept it going for the new episode — 1910: “Ranger Blue”. I really enjoyed this episode. It’s definitely one of my favorites so far. The opening scene explaining the zords’ anime eyes and those morph explosions was absolutely priceless. lol. Then we got Flynn’s back story.. and that was also great. And the MOTW plot hidden within was pretty good too. 🙂 The only minor problem I’ve seen so far is the dropping of the season’s plotline. But hopefully that’ll return once the last of the “profile” episodes airs next week..

A little while after that, I thought I had my dad’s attention, so we finally watched House (which he fell asleep for a good part of.. damnit.. great episode though.. especially the bachelor party, wow), Medium (he stayed awake for more of this one.. good episode), Surviving Suburbia (okay I guess), Krod Mandoon (dad’s out by now.. so I chose this one next.. hahaha, good episode) and Heroes (kept forgetting this finale, damn.. until now.. another very good episode, looking forward to Season 4 🙂 ).

After all that, it was already nearing 6PM. Ack. I returned to my room and got online for a while. We eventually had some supper.. then I.. eventually got the next chapter of Truth-Seekers: Prometheus complete and uploaded. Yay. Feel free not to read it.. like usual.. I think it’s the best installment so far.. but oh well.. Still don’t like how their webpage titles call my stories “fanfic”. 😡

After that was taken care of, I began work on the next installment of Truth-Seekers. Been wanting to start it for a while now, but the transcription wasn’t done until now.. so.. I wanted to get over to the bedroom DVR to watch some stuff, but I got online.. and before I knew it, all my time was up. Damnit..

Anyway.. see ya..

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[ Video: Chemtrail Aerosol Assaults Continue ]



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