Saturday 04.25.2009 — Local ABC affiliate LIES, No RPM today.. and media

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I awoke pretty early in the morning due to the cat again, then got online to finish up the previous entry. Eventually, I took over the TV and watched Best Week Ever (lol), The Soup (lol), Free Radio (rofl), Party Down (rofl, love this show.. and my dad actually liked it this time too), Roommates (haha), Krod Mandoon (hahaha), Transformers Animated (eh..), Rules of Engagement (haha), My Name Is Earl (yup) and Parks And Recreation (lol). Wow. A lot of shows out of the way there..

I was ready to watch Power Rangers RPM. I even watched the rerun of “Ranger Yellow, Part 1” beforehand.. and got the VCR ready to tape. But “Ranger Yellow, Part 2” did not air here. I complained beforehand about the removal of the previous week’s new RPM while also mentioning this removal, and the programming guy said it was a “mistake”. “It has been fixed! Power Rangers WILL air on both dates. It was a scheduling error on our part.” Yet instead, they aired the Digital TV FAQ bullshit program. And I’m pretty sure they’ve aired it plenty of times already. But there was no way this special could air during their paid programming time during the following two hours after RPM..? Noooo.. Gawdamnit.

Power Rangers RPM will get its full hour for the following two weeks, so I guess I should be thankful for that. But c’mon. Paid Programming timeslots all through the early hours of the morning and in the early afternoon on weekends (it’d probably be all afternoon if there wasn’t NASCAR today).. and they still must remove RPM for this bullshit. Grrr.. So I got online for a while.. We then waited what seemed like forever before finally leaving for Best Buy.

Yup, I did it. I picked up the X-Men Trilogy Blu-ray Disc set at Best Buy. As I predicted on Tuesday, they now suddenly had copies of the trilogy with e-Movie Cash, so I picked up one. At least I found out in time (last night) before the sale price ended (after today). After today, the price goes up $10 to $64.99, pretty much making the $10 coupon moot. Best Buy probably planned it this way all along. Asshats.. Now I need to return to the library just to print up the damn thing. Cheapass Movie Cash people.. After that, I went to the grocery store and picked up.. more groceries. Yay, full-sized breakfast Hot Pockets are back. Guess I wasn’t the only one who missed them..

We returned home, then I eventually got online for a little while. We had some supper, then I made my way to the bedroom DVR and watched the latest two episodes of 90210 (eh, not bad I suppose). Once I got those over with, I got back online and transcripted more Truth Seekers. And that was about it..

Oh look, I’ve joined FriendFeed as well.. ’cause now it’s “cool”. All the promoting of Twitter lately has been rather annoying.. Plus its neat how all these different things are in one place.. *shrug* ..I’ll likely get to watching RPM tomorrow morning since I already have two encodes of it to choose from. I just wanna watch it on the big-screen TV, and I can’t do that until then. :p See ya.

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