not much news / today

I awoke a bit early in the morning and immediately got online to finish up the previous entry. And then I pretty much spent all morning online.. At about 12:30, I watched The Whitest Kids U Know (haha), Reaper (another great episode 🙂 ) and Kings (episode 4.. blah.. I almost fell asleep near the end there.. and the viewers agree.. NBC has removed the show from their line-up until June where they’ll burn off the rest of the episodes.. maybe I’ll give up on this one too).

I then got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home (*types on the virtual keyboard for minutes at a time* ..need the too-expensive keypad, need the too-expensive keypad.. damnit), before wasting the rest of the afternoon in GTA IV (I thought about trying for more trophies.. but then mainly just rampaged through peds & cops on online Free Mode with some silent new friends :p ..need the too-expensive bluetooth headset, need the too-expensive bluetooth headset.. damnit.. but now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t use it anyway).

So we eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. In primetime, we watched Scrubs (lol), Better Off Ted (lol, a bit better episode than usual.. nice), Ron White: Behavioral Problems (lol.. no way am I watching Lost rerun as a new episode.. so this instead).. and after a long wait, we watched The Unusuals (another really good episode, haha). Then.. my room.. Yeah.

See ya.

[ Video: Nut Cop Stops Reporters Covering Posse Comitatus Violation ]

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[ 12 Major US Brands Predicted To Disappear ]
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[ Cops Investigating ‘Suicide’ Of Freddie Mac CEO ]
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[ Congressional Treason – HR 45 Blair Holt Firearms Act Of 2009 ]
[ Attack On Free Speech – Homeland Security Targets ‘Anti-Semitic Extremists’ ]
[ Hate Bill Hearings Continue April 23 ]
[ How The Israeli Madoff Is Key 9-11 Player ]
[ Israel – Iran Trying To Do What Hitler Did To Jews! ]
[ Israel Vows To Protect Self From ‘Holocaust’ By Iran ]
[ IDF Soldiers Forced Into Medical Experiment ]
[ Neo-Nazi Crimes Increase In Germany ]
[ Predators Starve As Humans Plunder Oceans ]
[ Doctor Claims To Have Cloned Four Humans ]
[ ET Out There In The ‘Question Mark’ Galaxy? ]
[ ETs, UFOs Covered Up By US Govt – Ed Mitchell ]


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