pr rpm demo reel / today, the official site of.. Neil Cervin, Power Rangers RPM‘s Director of Photography, has a demo reel of the season, including a few snippets from episodes that have yet to be aired. And it’s all set to the PR RPM theme instrumental. Cool. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched the final three episodes of Power Rangers in Space (awesome episodes, particularly “Countdown To Destruction”.. though I most likely don’t need to tell you that :p ..more replaced & missing audio in “Line In The Sand” and perhaps a one tiny bit of audio replaced in both CTD Part 1 & Part 2.. great to see both closing & opening credits, particularly for those Part 1 bloopers.. haha.. now I cannot wait for PRLG :p).

Then I got back online for a little while before getting the PS3 online and checking out what was new on PlayStation Home. My dad returned home from dialysis, so we watched a little Ellen soon after.. then I returned to my room and got back online again.. Then in the afternoon, I watched The Mighty Boosh (lol), Simpsons (lol) and Sit Down, Shut Up (’d this get on TV? absolutely hated it.. it was like a lame teacher-side version of Recess or some crap.. couldn’t stand all the mentions of the Family Guy-like “flashbacks”.. plus they were too cheap to animate backgrounds, so instead they’re mostly made of real-life pictures.. with animation in front of them.. I usually try to give a show at least a whole episode before I decide, but I just had to get away from that crap ASAP *delete*).

So once that was taken care of, I ended up getting online and playing LittleBigPlanet for some hours. Anyone else having a “corrupt save data” error every time they load the game since LBP’s patch update to 1.12? I am. Ugh. But at least the game data backup is there.. or I’d probably be a lot more pissed.. I then checked a bunch of glitch levels fruitlessly before trying the story level that I’ve been stuck on for ages.. online so someone could beat it for me. And they did. Yay. Does that count as cheating..? :p ..I’m also having a problem collecting the tutorials trophy. I’m pretty sure that I’ve watched / played them all, but I still don’t have the trophy. 😦

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. then waste an hour in a new online game.. My dad had gone to bed before primetime, possibly due to it being his dialysis day and.. because we finally figured out who was stealing my dad’s money from his bank account once his new statement came in and I did a google search to uncover it was all a scam.. So I watched Bones (I wanted him to see this show again.. he hadn’t seen a few seasons.. but oh well.. very good episode this week πŸ™‚ ) and 24 (very good episode here too.. omg @ that ending.. which is diffused by the next week promo.. ah well :p). My dad woke up and we watched Medium (good episode, I thought a completely opposite force would’ve come along a lot sooner than this.. the police swarm Alison’s house as if its a hostage situation — complete with helicopter, yet the cop has to hire some citizens to carry in groceries.. thus letting the guy they’re protecting her from.. in..? hahaha :p).

Then I returned to my room for the night. Now there’s word that some X-Men Trilogy Blu-ray box sets do have X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie cash.. while others don’t. Hope I can find a copy that does tomorrow (with a sticker that says so). The purchase may depend it. :p And I hope Target has Freakazoid! Season 2 for cheaper than Best Buy’s price of $19.99.. See ya.

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